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Your Browser Might Just Need a Refresh

“I need to clear my what? What is a cache?” Keeping your website up-to-date and accurate is a big job. When you make changes to it, you must also verify that your changes are displayed correctly in each of the major browsers. If they don’t, it can be frustrating to figure out why.

Enter The Cache. The cache (pronounced like cash), is used by browsers …

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Don’t Overlook Your Blackout Dates!

Do you have a ski and ride package that is only available mid-week? Or perhaps an activity that isn’t offered mid-week? How do you build your promotions to cater to this type of schedule? It’s easy to do by setting up blackout dates.

When you define your blackout dates, your guest can easily see when the promotion can be booked. In this example, the mid-week …

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Inntopia Named One of America’s Best Places to Work

Inntopia has been named #37 in Outside Magazine’s 2017 Best Places to Work.

Each year, Outside recognizes the top 100 companies in the United States that help their employees strike the ideal balance between work and play. These companies encourage employees to lead an active lifestyle, are eco-conscious, and prioritize giving back to the community.

This is Inntopia’s third year on the list. …

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Ski Daddy Taps Inntopia for Direct-to-Skier Sales

Tour operator and wholesaler, Ski Daddy, has partnered with Inntopia to sell lodging, lift tickets, and other activities, thus expanding their target market and making their sales operations more efficient.

Ski Daddy is a travel wholesaler that coordinates over 200 group ski trips each year to resorts in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

“We get a lot of referrals, and quite a bit of …

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Five Steps to Double Your Resort’s Average Booking Size

Have you ever watched an interview with the coach of a sports team before the game starts? They often go like this:

Reporter: What does your team need to do to win this game, coach?
Coach: If we can score, and keep the other team from scoring, I think we have a shot.
Reporter: Thanks, Coach.

He has presented his goals as tactics, but that

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Fun Tip: Don’t Share Your Dessert!

For you parents out there, if you don’t want to share your dessert with your kids, tell them it has alcohol in it!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Business Intelligence Quick Tip: Want More or Less Econometrics?

Did you know that you can customize your dashboard?  Under Support –> User Profile –> Dashboard Econometrics, you can select the categories you would like to see or not like to see.

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Marketing Cloud Quick Tip: Access our Research Archive

You may have noticed that some of our tips this week pointed to research articles we’d published in recent years. There are actually more than 200 of these in our archives. Every year we recapped the best of the best which makes for a great starting point if you hadn’t had a chance to read these until now or missed a few along the way: …

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iTrip Vacations Partners With Inntopia to Offer More Competitive Pricing

Brentwood, TN – iTrip Vacations has partnered with Inntopia Business Intelligence (BI) to offer a more competitive pricing and marketing model for vacation rental listings.

Inntopia’s BI platform gives properties, destinations and marketers an unprecedented view of past, present, and future performance and booking patterns. This data empowers partners to stay informed, strategic and proactive, resulting in increased revenue opportunities. Not only does Inntopia’s reporting …

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Offer the Guest an Experience, Not Just a Package

As darkness fell, and my husband and I heard the roar of lions off in the distance, I thought to myself “what are we doing here?” The only thing that stood between us and a wild animal was the canvas wall of our tent. As he zipped us inside for the evening, our armed guard informed us he would be stationed 50ft away all night. …

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Business Intelligence Quick Tip: Want to View Multiple Reports at Once?

Sometimes it’s helpful to see more than one report at a time, especially if you are trying to compare the data.  You can right click on a report and select Open link in new tab.  This will allow you to have a browser tab for each report you would like to view.  Then you can just toggle between browser tabs to view and compare.

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Fun Tip: Cool Thing to Do in Google

Have you ever needed to set another timer? Google can help with that.  In the search bar, type Set time for (x) minutes. Google will automatically start a timer and will also beep at the end. You can also use Google as a stopwatch.

But don’t waste time setting it for two-minutes…


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Marketing Cloud Quick Tip: Compare your email stats.

Sometimes your performance needs a little context. To that end, each spring we publish industry email benchmarks so you can tell how your newsletters, pre-arrivals, and post-departure campaigns compare to our other clients in terms of open rate, click rate, and opt-out rate. Take a look at our 2017 recap for our most recent update.

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Fun Tip: The Two-Minute Rule

No, this isn’t like the 5-second rule. If you see something that needs doing, and it can be completed within two minutes, do it immediately. Live by this rule and you’ll become much more efficient.

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Business Intelligence Quick Tip: Are Your Favorite Widgets at the Top?

Did you know that you can adjust your homepage widgets to create a custom view?  From the homepage, click to select the heading of a widget and you can move the order of the widgets.  You can move the report links to the top!

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Marketing Cloud Quick Tip: Predict open rates before sending

What if you could split test your subject lines before you send? Our open rate predictor tool lets you do just that by comparing your subject lines to tens of thousands of campaigns sent to over 1,000,000,000 recipients. We just updated the algorithm to account for subject line length as well. Give it a try before your next send.

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Business Intelligence Quick Tip: What Happens When You Click on the Legend?

We’re guessing that you didn’t know about this little tidbit.  If you click on any legend item, you can hide or unhide the data point(s) from the chart. Pretty nifty, huh?

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Fun Tip: No Fail High-Five!

Look at someone’s elbow when you High-Five. You will never miss.

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Marketing Cloud Quick Tip: Segment by pass usage.

Sell season passes? Getting ready to push your next round of deadlines? Consider segmenting passholders by usage. How many days someone uses their pass each season is one of the best indicators of how likely they are to renew. Read more here.

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Business Intelligence Quick Tip: Zoom into DMX Reports? Yes, Please!

Did you know you can zoom in on your DestiMetrics reports? Click, hold and highlight the area you’d like to zoom in on to see report details.  This is great for busy reports like the DOR!  When you’re done, click on the Reset Zoom button in the top right corner of the chart.  This just opened up a whole new world for you, didn’t it?

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