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The top 25 platforms hotels and resorts use to manage their social marketing.

There are quite literally thousands of tools available to help brands manage and analyze their social media accounts. But which ones are hotels and resorts using? Which of these platforms are the ones hospitality marketers rely on the most to get the full value possible from their efforts? That was our question, here’s our answer.

The Goods
Compared to other sites where the vast majority of content is shared natively, nearly half of all tweets posted by hotels and resorts come from a 3rd party tool. So for this analysis we used Twitter’s “source” identifier from over 225,000 tweets posted by 4,900 hotels and resorts during the last year. We excluded cross-sharing between networks (i.e., where the source was “Facebook”, “Instagram”, etc.) and looked only at the tools brands use outside of these networks.

Here are the top 25 with the total number of brands from our sample that are using that specific platform followed by the percentage of the total that represents in parenthesis.

(% of total)
1 Hootsuite707 (14.4%)
2 Sprout Social271 (5.5%)
3 TweetDeck220 (4.5%)
4 Constant Contact67 (1.4%)
5 Revinate60 (1.2%)
6 Buffer58 (1.2%)
7 BCV51 (1.0%)
8 MediaConnect36045 (0.9%)
9 Sprinklr42 (0.9%)
10 MailChimp35 (0.7%)
11 Spredfast App35 (0.7%)
12 Sysomos Expion34 (0.7%)
13 Engage12133 (0.7%)
14 IFTTT32 (0.7%)
15 Falcon31 (0.6%)
16 TwitterFeed22 (0.5%)
17 Flip.to19 (0.4%)
18 Desk.com18 (0.4%)
19 Meet Edgar15 (0.3%)
20 Paper.li14 (0.3%)
21 Radian613 (0.3%)
22 Twuffer12 (0.2%)
23 Raven Tools11 (0.2%)
24 Echofon10 (0.2%)
25 Sendible9 (0.2%)

As a comparison, 37% of all brands used the Twitter web client, 21% used Twitter’s iPhone app, and 5% used Twitter’s Android app to post content to their Twitter account.

What This Means
What surprised us the most was the sheer number of these platforms. From our sample of 4,900 properties, we found tweets posted from over 210 different tools.

Hopefully this list not only sparks some ideas, but does so in a way that adds a little bit of the social proof and weight to the feature lists and testimonials these tools use to get you intrigued by the possibilities.

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