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Five Campaigns Golf Resorts Can Use to Capitalize on Drive Markets

As the impacts of COVID-19 have evolved, the National Golf Foundation has done a fantastic job of keeping tabs on the trends and impacts within the golf industry. Their July 15, 2020 update was no exception.

“While equipment sales and play have been staging a strong comeback, the same can’t be said for golf travel. NGF consumer research is signaling that overall trip volume could

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Four key questions to answer if you’re considering ticket lotteries.

When a handful of ski resorts reopened for a brief end-of-season hurrah, lotteries were something that quickly became a thing in the ski industry. Why? There are a few reasons. Lotteries are a simple way to soften the burden on your ecommerce store. They also make things more fair for folks with different work schedules or internet connections.

As we’ve helped clients work through their …

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YieldView is the Ideal Platform for Selling Lift Tickets in 2020

For a lot of years in a lot of ways, we’ve been saying the same thing:

“Inntopia Commerce is a really, really flexible platform.”

The resorts familiar with the platform know how true this is and in this year, with all its ups and downs and twists and turns, that flexibility has shown itself over and over again.

For example, when Goggles for Docs needed …

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A simple, data-driven approach to abandoned golf vacation quotes.

At our recent online user group, Sophie Sunderland, one of our all-star account managers, walked through a simple approach to getting potential guests to complete their booking. Instead of addressing the traditional place marketers focus on with this strategy – abandoned carts – Sophie dug into the folks who talk to a call center agent but don’t end up purchasing.

This is a massive opportunity …

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Capacity vs Demand: Five Steps to Keep Lift Ticket Sales from Crashing Your eCommerce Store

COVID-related capacity restrictions at ski resorts are new to all of us. So are the massive spikes in demand that accompany a resort letting a large number of people vie for a limited number of tickets. So far, most resorts are having significant issues with their ecommerce stores crashing under the load. The result is thousands of frustrated guests and a wave of negative PR.…

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Three Unique Pass Products Golf Resorts are Rolling Out This Summer

One of the themes we’ve been discussing lately is simply this:

When the market changes, so must our products.

This is especially true for golf where nearly all courses are now open. But open with limited capacity.

Boyne Monthly Passes

First up are these monthly passes from Boyne. Timing is a question on everyone’s minds. Will there be a spike in COVID-19 cases? Will things …

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How do you inspire skiers to come in summer? With videos like these.

Right now ski resorts across across the country are trying to juggle a bunch of priorities. But one of them is getting folks to pay them a visit this summer.

While there are some aspects of those marketing messages that will absolutely be unique to COVID concerns, there is one aspect that won’t be changing: the mountain and activity that would inspire folks to consider …

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Inntopia Kitchen Table #4 Recap: Three Operators Share their Plans for Re-opening

May 5, 2020 – Now that many travel operators are opening or planning to re-opening the near future, we thought it would be a very good time to bring in some friends from across the industry to discuss what they have in store for their operations. You can also click here to view the recording of this conversation.


Roaring SpringsTiffany Quilicci
Chief Marketing Officer

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Four Benefits of Using Pre-Arrival Surveying

Deliver Hyper-Relevant Content and an Exceptional Guest Experience

We know this mantra well: The right message, to the right guest, at the right time. It is a foundational phrase for Inntopia Marketing Cloud and one that especially holds true in this new era for travel. The behaviors, needs, and expectations of our customers will be different from those of the pre-COVID days.

This is …

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Kitchen Table Recap: Six Non-Traditional Ways to Generate Revenue During COVID-19

In the previous Kitchen Table Gregg and I looked at some metrics that could signal WHEN to begin marketing again. They also looked at some considerations as to the WHAT and HOW of marketing once you began dipping your toes back into the marketplace. This week we looked at some real world examples of promotions that can help drive revenue today even in the face …

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Kitchen Table Recap: When and How to Start Promotional Marketing Again

The big question we sought to tackle on our last Kitchen Table conversation was,

“So…when will it be OK to market again?”

In my mind the answer to that question is NOW-ish…BUT there are some major qualifiers on that statement – the WHAT and the HOW are more crucial now than ever before.

Before We Start

Before we jump into the details, I think it …

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Kitchen Table Recap: Trends and tips for watching COVID-19 recovery milestones.

In last weeks Inntopia Family Kitchen Table conversation, I kicked off the call with a dive into what numbers we are all watching to know how and when to ramp up our marketing. It’s a tough place to be in. Nobody wants to insensitive or say the wrong thing during a tricky time, but we’ve gotta get some revenue in the door ASAP.

So we …

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Cyber Week: The Biggest Sales Opportunity of the Year

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Travel Tuesday, the Cyber 5 or Cyber Week, the week after Thanksgiving is big for online shopping. Travel bookings have increased during this traditional retail shopping stretch, and more and more consumers actively seek out travel experiences and deals.

Cyber Week combined, totaled $22.5 Billion in online sales in 2018 with Cyber Monday topping the list as the
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Thanksgiving: The Best and Worst Days for Resort Email Marketing

In the United States, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite holidays (an unhealthy affinity for pie may play a role), but as a marketer, Thanksgiving has always been filled with questions and uncertainty:

  • Do people even check email?
  • What day is the right day?
  • What days should I avoid?
  • Should I just hold off on all campaigns completely?
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How to choose between Inntopia Commerce and SMS WorldNXT / GuestDesk.

One of the common alternatives we hear clients thinking about when they’re evaluating Inntopia Commerce is SMS’s WorldNXT booking engine. WorldNXT, which is a white-label version of Fuel Travel’s GuestDesk system, is a great platform and the SMS team are good friends of ours. WorldNXT works great for many users, but it does differ in some ways which Inntopia Commerce users rely on. Here are …

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Sipapu’s has it even more right than I thought.

Last winter I wrote about an offer that, as I dug into it, quickly went from “how does this make sense?” to “whoa, this is powerful.”

In a sentence, Sipapu gives you a free night of lodging when you buy a lift ticket. Here’s what I said at the time.

“Millions of skiers have been tempted by a ski vacation, but have never actually taken

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The marketing and creative power of the words “why not?”

If you want some marketing inspiration sometime soon, PLEASE find some time to watch Wistia’s “One. Ten. One hundred.” series.

It is some of the most creative, brilliant marketing I have ever seen. But I want to pull one line from Claude Zeins out of the second episode because I think it’s really, really important.

“I’m so in my element when it’s just

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Three Must-Do Tips for Pushing Season Pass Sales

While it’s the peak of summer season now for most of partners, many are thinking about the upcoming winter season, and are busily prepping for the launch of their new Season Pass products. Are you?

Whether you already had a spring pass sale launch, are still finalizing a new season pass lineup for next year, or if you’re deep in planning mode for a launch …

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Why “staff friendliness” is a key selling point for Nakoma.

The next time you’re holding lunch in one hand and your phone in the other, try a little experiment. Find a nearby hotel or resort and read their absolute worst reviews on TripAdvisor.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll find a common thread among those reviews: employees. “Rude” is typically the common denominator that underlies a principle that a friend of mine describes …

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Sick of OTA fees?

OTAs are like this chicken and you're like this cat. Hilarious!

Are you losing revenue and booking share to OTAs?

Believe it or not, a full 52% of people who book lodging via OTAs actually visit the property’s website before booking.

Why don’t all those people end up booking directly with the property? Sometimes it’s about wanting to bundle their lodging with other things, sometimes it comes down to ease of use, and sometimes it’s just …

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