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Tips Did a guest booking online get help from an agent? All they have to do is hit “refresh”.

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 Feb 15, 2024

I’ve talked about this feature before but I want to highlight a specific moment of this process that is both common but also extremely simple and seamless when your guests book using Inntopia Commerce.

Let’s set this up with a little scenario.

A potential guest arrives at your booking engine and begins their shopping experience with a lodging search. They find the room they like, they add it to their itinerary, and they start thinking about the other products they need. They realize, however, that they have a question about lift tickets. Specifically;

“I’m coming for a conference but my flight isn’t as early as I thought on the day I check out. I wonder if I’d have enough time to get a few runs in?”

They call the number on their screen, a friendly voice answers, the guest says they want to book online but have a couple questions, and the agent asks for the reference number shown below their cart widget so they can see which days and rooms they are looking at.

before calling in screenshot

The agent quickly pulls up the exact itinerary they’ve built, notices it’s a Thursday and that traffic should be light, so they reply that the guest should have plenty of time to get 3-4 runs in.

But this call center agent also adds:

“Would you like me to add that to your itinerary for you to make sure you get the best deal?”

The guest says “sure”, the agent adds it to their itinerary, and then replies:

“Okay, it’s added. Just hit refresh in your browser.”

The guest hits refresh and…voila! There it is:

after calling in screenshot

The guest can now book this full itinerary online like they hoped but with a little extra confidence thanks to their quick call with an agent.

This simple scenario highlights a perfect use case of Inntopia Commerce’s online-to-offline functionality. Whether the guest starts booking online or starts on the phone, the itinerary isn’t saved in the browser or the call center application, it’s saved in Inntopia Commerce directly and these interfaces – the booking engine and the call center application – are simply ways to look at and interact with those itineraries.

This allows agents to seamlessly help guests by seeing exactly what the guest is seeing, make any changes for them based on their conversation, but easily let the guest hit refresh in their browser to see the changes and book online if that’s their preference.

A simple, important, but often overlooked feature within Inntopia Commerce.

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