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School Calendar Explorer Know exactly when your potential guests have school breaks.

Data from over 3,300 districts and universities.

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Inntopia’s School Calendar Explorer combines a comprehensive, human-vetted dataset with an interactive dashboard to give travel providers, airlines, travel agents, and DMOs an unprecedented view of year-over-year school break patterns across the United States.

Fully Interactive

Filter data by school type, districts, states, date ranges, geographic regions, charts, and more to tease out opportunities and trends.

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Discover New Markets

Search over 3,300 public school and university calendars across all 50 states by date and compare trends year-over-year to identify new markets to fill soft spots in occupancy.

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Regular Data Refresh

Snow days? Pandemics? Closures? Data is refreshed quarterly to identify unforeseen changes to school breaks.

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“Instead of ending my peak season rates just after New Year’s Day like I did the prior year, I extended them through Jan 8th resulting in a higher ADR and a 20% increase in RevPAR.”

Licenses & Pricing

2024/2025 Data
Single License
$850 per user/entity
Full dashboard access
Frequent data refresh
Last 4 years’ data
Access for one business/user Order Now →
2024/2025 Data
PDF Report Only
$650 per user/entity
Email delivery
Preliminary report (Mar ’24)
Full report (Jun ’24)
Access for one business/user Order Now →
2024/2025 Data
Multiple Licenses
Need access for multiple entities – hotels, resorts, etc. – under the same organization or individual users managing multiple entities?
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