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Introducing: Email Performance Benchmarking powered by Microsoft Power BI

We have an amazing group of resorts using our Marketing Cloud platform. What many people don’t realize, however, is just how diverse this group is. Big vs small, east vs west, US vs international, ski vs golf, lodging vs just activities, our clients cover the full range of hospitality and recreation.

Now, if you’re a data-nut like me you can probably see the opportunity. Yep, …

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Three reasons resorts and hotels are choosing Inntopia in 2020.

Over the years, the main problems we solve for our customers remain largely the same. Commerce lets folks sell all their products in one transaction. Marketing Cloud helps centralize data for smarter marketing. DestiMetrics gives destinations an unprecedented view of performance.

But the reasons why people choose us? Or why they choose us over alternatives? Those tend to fluctuate year to year. This year? There …

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Summer Occupancy At Western Mountain Destinations Edging Up Slightly

As stay-at-home restrictions ease, lodging properties throughout the western mountain region are gradually opening up more capacity as allowed by their local jurisdictions and as demand for a mountain getaway ticks up slightly. According to DestiMetrics* in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia released last week, aggregated summer occupancy is still limping along among the 290 participating property management companies, and remains significantly down as …

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Pent-Up Demand Drives Record Booking Pace At Southeast Destinations

After three months of minimal activity, lodging properties around the Southeast region are rebounding in a big way as destination visitors set a record for summer bookings during the month of May.  DestiMetrics, a division of Inntopia, released their monthly briefing last week with an update on aggregated bookings, occupancy, and rate among five resort destinations in three states.* The briefing includes data through May …

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Volunteer Group of Destination Travel Research Specialists – Insights Collective – Joining Forces to Assist Destination Travel with Transition to “Next Normal”

Resources and advice being offered free of charge to help with tourism recovery,

Winter Park, Colo., June 11, 2020 — Driven by a collective concern about how the tourism industry can most effectively start recovering from the devastation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of seven Colorado-based tourism veterans with decades of experience are joining forces to ‘give back’ to the industry they …

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Mountain Collective Goes Live on Inntopia Commerce

We are extremely excited to welcome Mountain Collective to the Inntopia Commerce platform. An Inntopia Marketing Cloud customer since the initial launch of the pass in 2012, Mountain Collective features more more than 20 world-class destinations and is arguably the most successful pass partnership program in the history of the industry.

Passes are now available at the link below:

screenshot of mountain collective ecommerce storefront

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Inntopia launches integration with IQware property management system.

We are extremely excited to announce that Inntopia Commerce is now officially integrated with IQware!

This integration gives resorts and hotels the best of both worlds: a renowned property management system with IQware and the ability to sell those rooms along side their other products and activities with Inntopia’s one-cart booking engine.

The IQware solutions, similar to Inntopia Commerce, can be used either in …

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Early Summer Months Looking Grim for Southeast Destinations

Denver, Colo., May 18, 2020—Approximately two months after destination resorts scattered throughout the Southeast were expected to launch their all-important summer season, widespread uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic have brought destination visits to participating resorts to an almost virtual halt. According to the Monthly Market Briefing released last by DestiMetrics and Inntopia, occupancy, rates, and revenue are being battered by the health and economic …

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Solid Winter Ski Season Ends with a Thud at Western Mountain Resorts

Hopes for a “normal” summer are 120 days out of reach

Denver, Colo., May 15, 2020—Just six weeks after the winter season was abruptly ended on March 15 in the wake of complete ski resort closures mandated by the Covid-19 pandemic, mountain destinations “officially” ended the 2019-20 ski season at the end of April. As mountain towns emptied out quickly, lodging properties in six western …

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Quick Chats with Inntopia Coolest Cats: Nick Haggerty

Nick Haggerty is a Strategic Account Manager at Inntopia and has years of experience working in account management, sales, and product development while specializing in digital advertising, marketing, and media. He lives in Stowe, Vt. with his wife Sarah and their son Larson. At this time, like all Inntopians, he is quarantined and working from home.

Pascale: What are the things that have given you

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A Much Different Kind of Storm Derails Winter at Western Mountain Destinations

Denver, Colo., April 17, 2020—What was looking like a strong finish to the winter season at destination mountain resorts in mid-February has become a dramatically different picture since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the United States and the entire globe in the past weeks. The complete shutdown of nearly every ski resort at the height of the spring break crowds has left resorts, lodging properties, and …

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Thinking about a Shopify store for your resort? Inntopia Digital can help.

For resorts, revenue can be tough to find right now. Occupancy is zero, lift tickets are no go, tee-times may be trickling in, the spa is closed, and so on.

But as travel has been shut down by COVID-19, online retail has been ramping up. Some top Shopify stores have seen record days and even on a large scale, promotional email volume has stayed level. …

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Inntopia Digital donating 200 hours of marketing work in 2020.

It’s been a sobering few weeks. As resorts and hotels have closed, layoffs have followed. These workers aren’t just faces in a crowd, they’re our friends.

Along the way, we’ve been hearing from GMs and presidents and VPs. They’ve had to make hard decisions with layoffs or reducing hours, but also need to get emails out. Suddenly, they realize they don’t even have login credentials, …

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Quick Chats with Inntopia’s Coolest Cats: Christine Veliko

The effects of the COVID-19 virus on our industry have been very challenging these days, but know that the Inntopia Team is there to assist in every way that we can. In this series, we introduce you to some of the valuable people who keep the wheels turning for our team, and for our partners.

Christine Veliko, Frontline Technical Service Representative

Christine is witty, adventurous, …

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COVID-19: Four Tips to Properly Communicate With Your Guests

We know that this is a very challenging time and our first priority is the health and well-being of everyone.

To help your team through this uncharted territory, whether in your messaging or day-to-day operations, our Partner Services team created this list of tips:

Carefully Consider Resort Updates

  • Don’t sent blasts to the whole database
  • Only send updates to pass holders, recent guests, or guests
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Snowfall Nudges Winter Occupancy Up While Revenue Holds Steady at Mountain Destinations

(Covid-19 started having an impact)

Denver, Colo., March 13, 2020—Timely snow at many western mountain destinations helped nudge aggregated occupancy figures into positive territory after several months of decline while rate and revenues remained steady. The most recent aggregated data from nearly 300 lodging properties throughout six western states was released by DestiMetrics* in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia with data that includes figures …

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Summer Off to a Good Start; Winter Finishes Slightly Ahead of Last Year

BRADENTON, Fla., March. 12, 2020—It was a battle to the finish line, but aggregated data for lodging properties in three southeastern states wrapped up the winter season essentially flat but with a slight uptick in revenues despite a fairly rugged start to the winter season and the challenges of the final week of February. The season-long summary was released yesterday by DestiMetrics,* in their monthly …

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The cost and frequency of travel data breaches is rising.

Two weeks ago we announced that Inntopia had become one of the first travel tech companies to receive ISO 27001 certification. We talked a lot about the reasons behind this effort and the proactive benefits to our clients from doing so. However, we wanted to follow up on a specific aspect of information security that is at the crux of our decision to invest in …

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Digging into Inntopia’s ISO 27001 certification with our in-house security expert, Njama Braasch.

Last week we announced that Inntopia had achieved ISO 27001 certification. This is a concrete example of our commitment to the security of our customers’ data. But another example of that commitment is sometimes less obvious: the fact that we have a Director of Security and Compliance in the first place. More rare than that should be in tech circles, I sat down with …

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Southeast Lodging Properties Really Pick Up the Pace During January

BRADENTON, Fla., Feb. 19, 2020—After struggling virtually the entire winter to recover from a very sluggish start to the winter season, aggregated data for lodging properties in three southeastern states reveals that the region has finally moved into positive territory for the first time this winter. DestiMetrics,* in their monthly Market Briefing released last week by Inntopia, reported that a strong booking pace during …

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