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News Only want to sell over the phone? Inntopia can help your agents do that.

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 Mar 26, 2024

While some resorts are trying to cut back on call centers, many are going the other way. Part of their brand and service-focused product is a personalized, high-touch booking experience that only a friendly, well-trained human can deliver.

We’ve also seen firsthand the effectiveness of this booking channel and the demand for human help in the booking process, so while call center bookings are an afterthought for some platforms, they remain a high priority for the team behind Inntopia Commerce. Take this quote from Stein Collection as an example of that.

“Despite the goal for all of our rooms to be available online, it was critical that we have all of our inventory and offerings available through the call center as well. Even for our high-dollar reservations where guests call in to talk to an agent before booking, we found that these guests still like to ‘read the menu’ online first.”

Other platforms push back against an approach like Stein Collections’, but not Inntopia. Whatever the right mix of call center vs booking engine you’re looking for, we can help you sell everything more easily and effectively.

And this is true even if that mix is booking everything through your call center. Here are three reasons why.

1) Access Inventory from Every System in One Interface
Our call center application allows your agents to sell live lodging, activity, rental, transportation, etc. inventory from multiple systems in a single interface. Instead of having to swivel chair between all the different platforms you use to run your resort, they can do everything from a single screen.

2) One Comprehensive Receipt for Your Guests
While this is easier for the call center agent, it’s also easier for the guest because once that booking is placed the guests gets a single, unified receipt with their full itinerary even though the details of their booking flow back into their original systems for easy fulfillment.

3) Increase Booking Size by Giving Guests More to Book
As the booking process gets easier for your agents, you can add more source systems and inventory to your Inntopia Commerce setup. This allows your agents to offer more to every guest they speak with, it allows the guest to book more of their vacation at the same time, and the result is larger bookings on average.

That’s exactly the benefit they saw at Massanutten Resort after implementing Inntopia Commerce.

“With Inntopia we are able to offer a wide variety of our amenities along with our lodging for sale using one platform. The benefit to the customers using one shopping cart for their purchases has led to a substantial increase in online sales and per-reservation amount.”

And if your agent does need to help someone book online? Our agent-to-booking engine handoff features are there to help.

If most of your guests are booking over the phone but you’d like a better way for your agents to build the ideal itinerary for each guest, let’s talk.

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