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Security & Compliance Inntopia’s Commitment to Information Security

An in-house CISSP, ISO 27001 certification, and PCI Level 1 compliance.

Listen, technology in the resort industry isn’t perfect. But that lack of perfection is no excuse for ecommerce and marketing vendors to take a lazy attitude toward information security.

It’s why we have put in the time, effort, and rigor to become ISO 27001 certified.

ISO 27001 Certification & PCI Level 1 Compliance

Are we PCI Level 1 compliant? Of course. But PCI compliance is both less comprehensive than ISO 27001 and doesn’t require the same rigorous, 3rd party verification. Even more, ISO 27001 is ongoing; you don’t just check the boxes and move on, you must keep checking those boxes to keep your ISO 27001 certification.

So when we wanted to prove to our clients just how seriously we take data security, we took the time – a year and a half, in fact – to complete all 11 charters and 114 controls that are part of the certification process.

In-House CISSP

But we also have a permanent, in-house Director of Security and Compliance and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). This director was the one who spent 18 months helping us achieve ISO 27001 compliance and works tirelessly to ensure we remain vigilant as a company.

Here’s what that director said about the company and that certification.

“It’s hard to overemphasize how significant and challenging this level of certification is. There are many organizations who adopt the ISO 27001 standard but do not certify. To adopt the ISO 27001 standard demands a mindset dedicated to organizational security excellence, backed by the full support and commitment of Inntopia’s leadership.

“The cool thing about ISO 27001 is that, unlike some security accreditation, it’s not just about the tech. This is about the way Inntopia, our employees and infrastructure, are operating safely and securely as well. It becomes a re-assurance, backed by a verified third-party audit, that ‘We’ve got your back.’”

To read full interview about ISO 27001 certification, click the link below:

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