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News Inntopia Launches Nexio Integration to Provide Resorts an Easy-to-Use, Flexible Payment Platform

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 Nov 30, 2023

Inntopia is thrilled to announce a new integration with Nexio, a payment platform that simplifies the process of working with multiple payment gateways and currencies. This is especially useful for resorts who need to use multiple gateways to accommodate international visitors or resorts who would like to handle payments for unique items like season passes differently than other, more traditional bookings. Nexio allows businesses to streamline, monitor, and manage their payments through a single platform and dashboard.

“Similar to how Inntopia has made integrations with multiple PMS, POS, or other systems accessible to all resorts and hotels, Nexio has done the same for payment gateways,” said Inntopia’s CEO, Trevor Crist. “Nexio has made it incredibly easy for resorts to handle payments exactly how they need for their products and experiences. We are extremely excited for the flexibility and simplicity this will provide to our customers.”

Founded in 2008, Nexio offers a range of services for eCommerce merchants, allowing them to sell globally with optimized checkout experiences and fraud prevention. Key features include the ability to orchestrate payments globally, connect with various tools and technologies, and control the payment stack. Merchants can scale their businesses by accepting diverse payment methods and implementing dynamic currency conversion.

The platform also integrates with anti-fraud tools, such as Kount, to protect against digital fraud. Nexio aims to boost acceptance rates, recover lost sales, and streamline cross-border transactions while providing flexibility and control over the payment stack through external tokenization. With so many Inntopia customers selling a diverse portfolio of products to guests purchasing in many different currencies and using various payment methods, this flexibility and convenience will open the door for resorts to handle payments in new and highly effective ways.

“Nexio, a leading payment technology solutions provider, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Inntopia, an innovative booking and reservation software. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to transform the integrated payment space for our ISV partners,” said Nexio’s CEO, Roy Banks. “We are committed to this partnership and confident in the positive impact it will have on the reservation industry. Together with Inntopia, Nexio is ready to embark on this exciting journey towards a brighter, more connected future.”

“Our partnership with Inntopia is not just a collaboration; it’s a fusion of vision, values, and goals,” said Jeremy Hall, Nexio’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. “Working with Inntopia, we are set to explore new horizons, create innovative solutions, and deliver exceptional value with our integrated payment option for all Inntopia’s partners.”

Current Inntopia customers interested in using Nexio can reach out to their strategic account manager or to get started. Resorts and hotels not currently using Inntopia can contact for more details and information.

More information about Nexio:

More information about Inntopia:

About Nexio
Founded in 2008, Nexio is dedicated to providing technology and services that empower businesses of all sizes to simplify payment complexity, optimize revenue potential, and lay the foundation for future growth. Its suite of tools were designed with merchants’ needs in mind. Nexio’s consultative approach to payments enables businesses to maximize success without sacrificing security or convenience. The fintech company believes payments should be a powerful resource that helps businesses seize new opportunities now and into the future.

About Inntopia
Founded in 2001, Inntopia develops software for the resort and destination travel industries. Their marketing CRM, ecommerce platform, and business intelligence products are used by hundreds of resorts, hotels, and destinations across the world including Vail Resorts, Alterra Mountain Company, Grand America Hotels and Resorts, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, and Big Cedar Lodge.

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