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Tips Cendyn Alternatives: Is Inntopia Marketing Cloud a good choice?

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I want to be clear up front that Cendyn does some things really, really well. They’re a great company with a great team. But this is a question that comes up now and again of whether Inntopia Marketing Cloud is a good Cendyn alternative and I just wanted to outline a few reasons why, when choosing a hospitality CRM, hotels and resorts have either either moved from Cendyn to Inntopia Marketing Cloud or chosen Inntopia Marketing Cloud instead of another tool.

Cendyn’s Strengths

First, let’s talk about what they do well. Similar to Inntopia, Cendyn has been around for a long time and is well known. Also similar to Inntopia, they have a handful of different products on offer which can often be a nice perk when looking to bundle services under one contract or ensure that the roadmaps of various products you rely on are aligned. The difference is primarily the products they serve, while we both offer a CRS, booking engine, agency services, and other reservations-focused tools, Cendyn also offers B2B tools and revenue management tools/services.

In terms of their CRM itself, Cendyn’s platform is also great for standalone hotels where data is simpler, automation needs aren’t as complex, and the guest profile is a little bit more straightforward. Their tools makes it easy for a standalone hotel to spin up a simple set of features fairly quickly In other words, if you’re a standalone hotel or a property with simpler needs, Inntopia may not be a good alternative to Cendyn.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud’s Strengths

With that as a starting point, it’s important to also understand that Inntopia Marketing Cloud was built for more complex scenarios where a resort or hotel has multiple systems to sell multiple types of products. Inntopia Marketing Cloud is also designed for standalone hotels that are part of a larger group of brands or destinations and need to look across guest behavior from multiple properties in their portfolio. Sometimes hotels with more complex data needs will work with Inntopia Marketing Cloud to be able to create custom guest traits and types to better organize their data.

As such, there are seven main things to consider when assessing Inntopia Marketing Cloud as an Cendyn alternative.

flowchart of crm guest data aggregation
Inntopia can aggregate and household data from all your software platforms with a proprietary, travel-specific data merging system.

1) Automatic Data Syncing & Householding from All Systems

Inntopia Marketing Cloud is incredible good at dealing with complex guest data from multiple systems. Many hotels have moved to our platform and been blown away by our ability to combined guest records into accurate households with complete timelines of their transaction history.

2) Send All Emails from One Platform

Our ability to send custom confirmations, automations, and marketing emails from a single system is another perk we hear mentioned often. It’s easier for billing, managing templates, and measuring results.

3) Partnership vs Support

The biggest is the type of support you’ll receive. Instead of a support line, Inntopia Marketing Cloud clients work with a dedicated account manager from a team where the average hospitality CRM experiences is well over 10 years. If you worry you won’t have time or skill to do it all yourself, this is important to consider.

4) Breadth of Integrations

Because we’ve solved the problems around data complexity, Inntopia Marketing Cloud can bring in a more more broad set of data. Which mean’s we’ve also built integrations for many more PMS, POS, marketing, survey, demographic, and other systems to create incredibly deep, insightful guest profiles.

5) Customization Options

Very little within the Marketing Cloud platform can’t be tweaked which allows us to really evolve with the specific needs of your brand whether that’s custom email templates or guest traits that are totally unique to your operation.

screenshots of big cedar emails
Inntopia Marketing Cloud allows you to customize everything, including booking confirmations.

6) Marketing Automation & Dynamic Content

We’ve led the hospitality CRM industry in marketing automation and dynamic content for years, so much so we’ve written a book about more than 25 of the automations we help our clients with. We can reach any guest at any phase of the guest journey with a message neatly targeted to them based on the data you have in their profile.

7) Layers of Data

Finally, we’ve worked really hard over the last 5+ years on building in layers of data storage, access, and reporting so multi-property brands can track guest behavior across their locations and understand those trends on both the individual location and corporate level.


In other words, Inntopia Marketing Cloud is usually a better choice when you’ve got a complex guest, lots of data, and want to really customize your setup to perfectly match your needs and brand. But if you have simpler needs and want a more plug-and-play solution, Cendyn would probably be a great choice.

Cendyn and Inntopia may seem similar, but as you may have noticed we’re built for fairly different use cases. Yes, there is overlap, but not as much as many people think.

Learn more about Inntopia Marketing Cloud at the link below:

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