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The perfect blend of technology and people.

Inntopia is the combination of three hospitality companies that, after years of close partnership, joined forces in 2016 under a unified brand and a vision of what the guest experience can be. Here’s a quick timeline.


Trevor Crist and a partner start travel reselling company,

2000 sold to right in the middle of the dot com boom.

2001 runs out of money, but Trevor believes in his original product and finds a little capital to buy it back. Inntopia is born and begins working on white-labeling its booking engine for ski resorts.

( in 2001)


With just a few employees, Inntopia launches its first CRS. Breckenridge and Crested Butte sign as first big clients. Meanwhile, in Colorado, Corey Ryan is turning his success running CRM for Vail Resorts into the the launch of Ryan Solutions as the ski industry’s first CRM.


In Denver, CO, Ralf Garrison and Tom Foley launch MTRiP to reinvent how destinations measure performance.


Inntopia rolls out its first POS integration with Siriusware. One-cart booking is born.


Ryan Solutions attracts many industry veterans and starts gaining serious traction in the mountain resort space.


Golf resorts, beach destinations, and hospitality companies start noticing the incredible results they’re producing and sign on as clients. MTRiP creates a sister brand, VTRiP, as they cater to more non-mountain destinations.


Trevor, Corey, and Ralf collaborate to host the Destination Summit conference in Denver. MTRiP/VTRiP rebrands as DestiMetrics.


After 10 years of steady growth, Inntopia hits the tipping point and evolves from plucky startup into industry gold standard.


The long-time partnership becomes official as Inntopia acquires Ryan Solutions and DestiMetrics. The move brings three natural business partners under one roof, and opens the door to deep integrations between the software platforms.


Inntopia signs the biggest clients in the company’s history, including Vail Resorts and a major boutique hotel ownership group, and launches a series of powerful, integrated tools.


As Trevor says, “We’re trying to solve the same problems we were way back then, we’re just doing it better.”

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