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News New Internet Booking Engine Release

screenshot of stein collection internet booking engine screenshot of stein collection internet booking engine

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We recently released an updated version of the Inntopia Internet Booking Engine. On the front, you will see some minor facelift work – mainly some layout and style tweaks that present a more modern look and feel.

Behind the scenes there are a number of changes you may not notice. Things like:

  • Enhanced customization options, including the ability to customize buttons, icons, and extended CSS customization options for borders, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Strict compliance to the latest HTML standards (plus backwards compatibility so nothing breaks)
  • Enhance support for iPad and other tablet devices.

All of these changes will result in quicker, cleaner and better customization options moving forward. Web developers out there, take note. More to come!

Booking Engine Update

Since this release, we’ve also added additional functionality, features, and customization options for the Inntopia internet booking engine.

AZDS Booking Engine

The first thing to mention is that AZDS has launched their incredible RevRaise booking engine on the Inntopia Commerce platform. This booking engine features a beautiful design and the ability to sell everything – rooms, activities, transportation, insurance, tickets, spa, upgrades, and more – even partner inventory, side-by-side in a single booking engine.

inntopia azds revraise internet booking engine

This booking engine helps improve conversion, is totally customizable, is neatly integrated into the website (guests can use the booking engine without leaving your site), and is super easy to get set up.

Spotlio Booking Engine

Spotlio has also updated their popular Inntopia Commerce booking engine with a long list of new features. This option is a direct booking platform designed specifically for mountain destinations that works on top of your existing Inntopia Commerce account and settings.

screenshot of spotlio aspen booking engine

Spotlio’s booking interface can help increase cart size and also allows you to sell everything a guest needs in a single interface. Their fact, single-page booking interface is also customizable and easy to get setup.

Conversion Suite

We’ve also been adding a long list of new customization options to our default booking engine through our Conversion Suite collection.

conversion suite internet booking engine

Every interface starts with a clean, modern, responsive design and lets you customize icons, sidebars, colors, navigation, image carousels, progress bars, and more. Have an idea for your own booking experience? We’re all ears.

Custom Internet Booking Engines

We’re also seen more resorts take advantage of the ability to build their own booking experiences that’s neatly integrated with their website using the Inntopia Commerce API.

Camelback Custom Booking Engine

Camelback’s booking engine is woven right into their traditional website and features a clean interface and additional widgets like OTA price comparisons.

screenshot of camelback booking engine

And the results are paying off for their team.

“I love that everything is in one booking engine instead of multiple booking engines. The ease of being able to put multiple adventures into your cart means guests can essentially create their own custom vacation. That’s really important as we push people to book direct.”

Read more about their experience below:

Alterra Custom Booking Engine

Alterra Mountain Company, a long time user of Inntopia Commerce, went even bigger with their project that show real time availability for lodging and many other products right on their marketing websites with one-click cart functionality baked right in.

screenshot of stratton bike park booking engine

The project has been rolled out across most of their portfolio.

“Based on our A/B tests so far, we’ve seen a double digit increase in conversion and a big increase in revenue per transaction.”

Read more about their story below:

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