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News Introducing Destination Travel Trends: A Succinct Collection of Key Travel Insights, News, and Tips

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 Aug 9, 2022

A few weeks ago our resident expert in all things travel data, Tom Foley, came to me with an idea. What if we distill down everything that’s happening in destination travel into a simple, to-the-point insight. Something just a couple hundred words long and focused on one takeaway.

And what if we did this not every month or every week, but only when it was needed.

I loved it. Not just because it was a great idea, but because the way Tom and Stacey spelled it out suggested a natural evolution to three things we’ve done over the years.


For many years our Business Intelligence team has done a monthly round up of 10-15 important headlines in travel. These were divided by a specific group – “mountains” – and a more generic sun and beach theme – “vacations” – into Mountain Travel News and Vacation Travel News. But we also knew that there was an opportunity to not just aggregate the news, but make better sense of it. Share fewer links, but more insights. And do some around that one thread that ties us all together: destinations.

#2) Tuesday Trends

For 5+ years we published a weekly dive into the data called Tuesday Trends. Read by thousands of resort professionals and marketers, it was the casualty of too much to do and too little time. But in the time since we published our last issue, we’ve had countless requests to bring it back that simple, recurring exploration of some data point and explore if, how, and why it matters. When Tom sent a POC of what he had imagined, it was almost exactly this idea.

#3) Monthly Videos

But we’ve also been producing new content. We’ve gone virtual with the breakout sessions from our group and our account managers and partners have been cranking out some really useful, helpful content that’s based on what’s happening right now in the destination travel.

Introducing: Destination Travel Trends

As we brainstormed, we saw a way to build on Tom’s concept and merge all of these efforts into a single newsletter that builds on what folks loved about each to create a single, focused resource. Every issue includes:

  • Top digging into and making sense of one key trend within destination travel
  • A shorter, but carefully curated list of destination travel news
  • Our latest video content designed for destination travel professionals

screenshot of destination travel trends newsletter

We’re calling it Destination Travel Trends and the first issue just went out which you can click here to read. Like what you see? Just use the form below and you’ll get the next issue as soon as it’s published.

Subscribe to Destination Travel Trends Simple breakdowns of key travel trends as they happen.

Join over 4,000 travel professionals who stay up to date on what changes in the market mean to their daily life.

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