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News Introducing Insight365: A New, Year-Round User Group That Combines In-Person with Virtual

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When we hold our user group in 2022, this will mark the 9th time I’ve been involved in planning the event. Those first few years were less direct as I ran content and marketing for Destination Summit. After Ryan Solutions was acquired by Inntopia, I helped Pascale Savard plan the evolution of that event which we called Inntopia Insight. The last couple years saw a pivot to a virtual conference in order to keep the content and knowledge flowing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As you might expect, we’ve learned a lot over those years. For example.

Virtual Allows More to Attend

When Covid-19 forced us to go virtual, one of the biggest surprises was how many people attended. Folks who didn’t have budget to attend in-person events registered in droves and our attendance doubled.

Once-a-Year is Restrictive

We’ve also realized how restrictive a once-a-year conference can be. Things that were relevant in December can be old news by the time our user group comes along along. Waiting for an in-person event didn’t make sense.

People Love Virtual Content

Even our die-hard attendees loved signing in online instead of always having to travel. When we surveyed attendees earlier this year, just 7% of Insight Online attendees said they only want in-person events.

Facetime Is Still Important

But we also realized that for users and situations, the dynamics of being together in-person couldn’t be replicated through an online platform. This is especially true for new clients still ramping up their efforts.

Introducing: Insight365

After spending much of the last 6 months brainstorming ways to build on all of these lessons, we’re excited to announce Insight365. It’s a new chapter in our user group that combines the upsides of both virtual and in-person events. Here’s how it works.

Monthly, Virtual Breakout Sessions

What would have traditionally been a breakout session during Insight will now be part of an ongoing, monthly series of sessions held online. While you can register for some of these to watch them live, all of them will be uploaded and publicly viewable right from the Insight365 website. Instead of 10-15 sessions during 2-3 days on a specific week of the year, we’ll deliver 25-30 sessions, 2-3 each month, throughout the year.

A Smaller, Focused, In-Person Event

Held in our headquarters in Stowe, VT, this event will feature keynote presentations and panels to kick things off followed by small group, hands-on content and training. To make travel more affordable, much of the content will take place during a single day, with one-on-one meetings scheduled with attendees during the day before and after the event.

While we will limit this event to roughly 100 attendees, the keynotes and panels will also be streamed online for those who can’t make it in-person.

It’s Live!

In years past, we’d simply tell you to “save the date” for that year’s event, but this year we get to tell you that the site and content are live right now!

We’ll have more details and a specific date nailed down for our in-person event soon, but we spent the last few months of 2021 working out the strategy for this content so we already have more than a half-dozen sessions live today. Like all new ideas, this will likely evolve and expand as we go, but we’re excited to get back together in person while continuing to deliver the timely, valuable content our users relied on through the pandemic.

Learn more and get started on the Insight 365 page →

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