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Southeast Destination Lodging Continues to Benefit from High Occupancy

According to the most recent aggregated data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, as of Nov. 30, participating southeast destinations are recovering nicely from the season of storms with improving strength in both occupancy and revenues. For the month of November, actual occupancy was up a sharp 8.9 percent, which offset the 2.9 percent dip in the Average Daily Rate (ADR). As …

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Snowfall May Be Down, but Revenues are Up at Western Mountain Resorts

While many western mountain regions are struggling to make snow, based on data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, resorts are not experiencing a negative impact on their bookings as of Nov. 30. For the month of November, occupancy was up 7.1 percent and revenues were up 11.4 percent compared to the same month last year. Looking forward, occupancy for the full …

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The ultimate guide to marketing before, during, and after the holidays.

Whenever the holidays approach, marketers always find themselves asking the same questions:

“Should we send something about the holidays, or not?”

“When should we send it?”

“Are there days, times, words, etc. we should avoid?”

“Should we expect open rates and conversions to go down, or up?”

Well, here at Inntopia, our Marketing Cloud CRM has been used by hundreds of hotels and resorts to …

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Occupancy Climbing but Room Rates Slipping at Southeastern Destinations this Winter – Summer Finished Strong

Although Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are now mostly in the rearview mirror from a destination tourism perspective, some degree of negative public perception seems to be lingering in their aftermath as seen in the most recent aggregated data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing. As of Oct. 31, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the next six months for November through April …

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Mountain Destinations Confirm Two Summer Lodging Records; Winter Bookings Pacing Similar To Last Year

Summer Lodging Trends Spill into Winter For Mountain Destinations

The summer of 2017 set two new all-time records for the six-month summer season—a very healthy seven percent gain in aggregated revenue among 20 participating destinations in eight western states while occupancy eked out a scant 0.1 percent increase over the summer of 2016. The month of October was up 9.7 percent in occupancy with a …

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Lodging Occupancy and Revenue in Southeast Take Hit Post Hurricanes

Lodging occupancy and revenue in the Southeastern U.S. both took a dip during the month of September in the wake of the hurricanes that swept through the region. According to data collected, analyzed and distributed by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing yesterday, as of Sept. 30, aggregated actual occupancy for September among participating destinations was down 4.5 percent while revenues slid four percent …

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Autumn Strength Boosts Overall Summer Occupancy at Western Mountain Destinations

The booking pace picked up during September for the last two months of the summer and it looks pretty likely that the summer of 2017 will set the seventh consecutive occupancy record.

Overall occupancy at western mountain destinations for the six summer months encompassing April through October were buoyed up by bookings made in September for arrivals in September and October. With the uptick in …

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Despite Hurricanes, Southeast Destination Travel Showing Stability

As of Aug. 31, aggregated actual occupancy for August was up 1.6 percent and revenues were up 2.2 percent for the month compared to the same time last year according to data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics* Market Briefing for participating southeastern destinations. The Briefing also revealed that for the summer season that includes the six months of May through October, actual occupancy …

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Western Mountain Occupancy Slumps; Daily Rates Keep Climbing

Early winter bookings trending down.

Lodging figures released last Friday by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing revealed that the trend of slipping occupancy and rising revenues that began last winter has continued through most of the summer. For the six summer months that include May through October, as of Aug. 31, occupancy is down 0.5 percent compared to the same time last year …

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First DestiMetrics Southeast Regional Reports Show Moderate Gains in Occupancy & Lodging Rates at Destination Resorts

According to the most recent data compiled by Inntopia as part of the DestiMetrics Market Briefing, actual lodging occupancy among participating southeastern resorts for the month of July was down 1.8 percent compared to July 2016 while the Average Daily Rate (ADR) was up 2.5 percent for the same time period. The rate gains helped offset the dip in occupancy to provide an aggregated 0.6 …

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