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Western Mountain Destinations Expected to Set Summer Revenue Record

From Colorado to California and Utah to Oregon, western mountain lodging properties continue their gallop towards yet another summer revenue record.

With half of the official summer season (May through October) completed and significant advanced reservation on the books, aggregated revenues at participating mountain resorts as of July 31 had already reached 90 percent of total revenues collected during the summer of 2016. This figure …

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Revenue at western mountain lodging continues upward climb

Summer occupancy at western mountain destinations remains flat; revenue surges.

Even though summer occupancy among western mountain resort destinations is up only a scant 0.2 percent compared to last summer (May through October), revenues continue to gallop ahead driven by robust gains in the Average Daily Rate (ADR). As of June 30, aggregated revenues are up 8.4 percent according to the most recent data released …

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Revenues Keep Revving up at Western Mountain Resorts this Summer

Summer Rates Continue Upward Climb as Occupancy at Western Mountain Resorts Remains Mostly Flat

While aggregated occupancy at mountain resorts is up a scant 0.6 percent for the summer months of May through October based on bookings made through May 31, aggregated revenue for the same time period is up a robust 9.3 percent compared to the same time last year. The lodging figures were …

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The 2016/17 end-of-season email performance stats are in.

With roots in the mountains, we’ve been updating end-of-season email performance stats for this industry for almost a decade. A few weeks ago we ran the numbers again and here’s what we found.

The Goods
For this analysis we looked at 40,000 campaigns sent by 75 different mountain resorts to more than 300,000,000 recipients. We found the averages for each year across three metrics – …

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After a steep drop in 2015, resort social posting volume quickly levels out.

We update a lot of numbers each year. Which means that, from time to time, we sometimes forget to update any one of them when we get excited about another bit of data or insight. Someone recently pointed out we missed refreshing the social posting frequency stats for 2016 after they started to drop in 2015. Did that fall continue? Take a look.

The Goods

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Five key insights to help you build the perfect email template.

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while you may have noticed we’re trying a few new things. One of these ideas was building predictive tools based on our data and the other is what we’re posting today.

We’ve been publishing new content every week since 2012. Do the math, that’s over 200 unique insights based on unique data sets. Every year we do

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Hotel and resort responsive website adoption continues to explode.

The rapid adoption of website responsiveness has been fascinating to watch. It’s part of the reason we’ve updated the progress twice over the last few years (once in December 2014 and year ago in April 2016). But wanting to see if last year’s incredible growth has continued, we’ve revisited the numbers again in 2017 to see how things are going. Here’s what we saw.…

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Does ending a price in “9” increase clicks or engagement?

Last week we looked at how many prices actually end in “9” versus other numbers. The results were a bit surprising, but we promised we’d dig one layer deeper and look at message engagement for each group of prices. Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we took the same sample of 75,000 messages and simply added one column to our …

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How many resort marketing prices actually end in “9”?

It’s a pricing tale the world over: ending a price with the number “9” makes it appear smaller than it really is. But how many prices actually use this strategy? Is it a bygone cliche or still alive and well? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at over 75,000 marketing messages distributed across four channels; email, Facebook, Twitter, and …

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How much do public school breaks influence midweek occupancy?

School breaks impact occupancy. We all know it. It’s part of the reason we release a school break report every spring. But how much of a difference do these days off actually make in the visitation and occupancy of resorts? Last week we looked at a shift in Easter’s place on the calendar. Today we’re digging into school breaks’ impact on midweek occupancy. …

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