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Significant snowfall in many regions continued through March and helped slow the downward direction of occupancy for the 2017-18 winter season, according to Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing released on Monday. As of March 31, seasonal occupancy reversed from a seasonal 2.6 percent decline at the end of February to being down only 1.3 percent by the end of March. The Average Daily …

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Winter Season Continues Momentum into Summer Months at Southeast Destinations

Strategic rate management and positive messaging is being credited with taking a potentially disastrous winter season for southeastern resort destinations and turning it into a success. As of Feb. 28, aggregated occupancy among participating lodging properties in four states (South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama) achieved a 12.7 percent gain in occupancy for the six months from September through February compared to last winter. The upbeat …

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Snowfall Boosts February Booking; Seasonal Occupancy Not Likely to Recover in Western Ski Resorts

Desperately needed snowfall at many western ski resorts during February gave mountain destinations a healthy boost to their bookings for the remainder of the ski season but not enough to deliver a year-over-year increase in occupancy compared to the winter of 2016-17. According to Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing released on March 14th, as of Feb. 28, bookings made in February for arrivals …

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Strategic Rate Management Boosts Booking, Occupancy, and Revenue for Winter Months at Southeastern Resorts

In response to a winter season that started in September with damaging hurricanes, destination and resort lodging properties throughout the Southeast lowered rates to attract visitors for the winter months of September through February—and it worked. According to data released yesterday by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics* Market Briefing, consistent and moderate declines in rate have persisted since September and have helped drive double-digit occupancy …

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Meager snowfall at most western ski resorts during January has led to a drop off in bookings for the remainder of the ski season as lodging properties maintain a tenuous hold on revenues. The downturn was reported this morning by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing to participating lodging and marketing organizations. As of Jan. 31, aggregated occupancy for January was down 4.4 percent …

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After a late summer and fall impacted by destructive hurricanes, vacation destinations throughout the Southeast recovered during December with healthy increases in both occupancy and revenues despite a booking pace that dropped during the month for the remainder of the winter season. As of Dec. 31, actual occupancy during December among participating destinations was up a sharp 8.4 percent compared to December 2016 while the …

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Snowfall Challenges Cause Slowing in Occupancy; Winter Season Revenues Remain Up

Denver, Jan. 16, 2018—Many western mountain resorts struggled throughout December with a combination of below average snowfall and shifts in school breaks, which together caused a dip in occupancy and revenues for the month. According to the most recent data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, as of Dec. 31, aggregated occupancy for the month of December was down 4.4 percent compared …

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Southeast Destination Lodging Continues to Benefit from High Occupancy

According to the most recent aggregated data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, as of Nov. 30, participating southeast destinations are recovering nicely from the season of storms with improving strength in both occupancy and revenues. For the month of November, actual occupancy was up a sharp 8.9 percent, which offset the 2.9 percent dip in the Average Daily Rate (ADR). As …

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Snowfall May Be Down, but Revenues are Up at Western Mountain Resorts

While many western mountain regions are struggling to make snow, based on data released by Inntopia in their monthly DestiMetrics Market Briefing, resorts are not experiencing a negative impact on their bookings as of Nov. 30. For the month of November, occupancy was up 7.1 percent and revenues were up 11.4 percent compared to the same month last year. Looking forward, occupancy for the full …

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The ultimate guide to marketing before, during, and after the holidays.

Whenever the holidays approach, marketers always find themselves asking the same questions:

“Should we send something about the holidays, or not?”

“When should we send it?”

“Are there days, times, words, etc. we should avoid?”

“Should we expect open rates and conversions to go down, or up?”

Well, here at Inntopia, our Marketing Cloud CRM has been used by hundreds of hotels and resorts to …

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