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Trends More than 2/3 of U.S. school districts have already adjusted their breaks and calendars this year.

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 Dec 7, 2021

When we launched the School Calendar Explorer earlier this year, one of the key problems we focused on solving was the inevitable wave of changes to school breaks that happen after the school year begins.

Of the roughly 1,800 K-12 school districts in our database, 500 of those are automatically updated biweekly. The remaining 1,300 are updated quarterly. We just completed the latest scheduled update and notice four, fascinating trends that show just how quickly static school break databases can become out of date.

With so many vacations planning around these breaks, even small changes can have significant impacts to revenue and demand.

Very Few Changes for Colleges

Likely due to high vaccination rates and less restrictive policies, we saw no significant changes within college and university academic calendars.

68% of K-12 Districts Made Changes

To contrast, more than 2/3 of the K-12 school districts we updated this quarter have made changes to their school breaks and calendars during the last few months.

Fall Break & Last Day of School

The most common shifts we saw were school districts extending or adjusting fall break and pushing back the last day of the school year.

Some Changes to Every Break

In terms of other changes, we saw at least a handful of districts making changes to virtually every other break on the calendar including adding emergency days due to storms, extending winter break, and moving spring break start or end dates.

More Changes On the Way

With so many changes already taking place so far this year, we’ll certainly see more changes in the coming weeks and months.

Also keep in mind that these are trends that describe patterns across the country. The most important changes, however, are those made within individual markets and individual districts. You can explore these datasets and more with the School Calendar Explorer:

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