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Inntopia Commerce
Sell everything your guests need in one cart.

You sell lodging, activities, tee-times, and more. The problem is that all of these products live in different systems, which means your guests have to juggle multiple interfaces and transactions and carts and confirmations just to book their vacation.

Inntopia Commerce gives you, and your guests, a better way.

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All of Your Products, Side by Side

First, Commerce lets you aggregate in real-time every product you sell into a single collection of inventory. Rooms, tickets, tee-times, activities, and even transportation all live side by side.

Sell Everything in One Cart

Inntopia Commerce then gives you powerful ways to sell all of your products and packages in the same interface and cart – Commerce Online for web and mobile bookings, Commerce Agent for your call center, and Commerce API if you want to build something custom.

Transactions Synced to Original System

Finally, as products are booked, transaction details for each item immediately flow back into the system where they started – lodging to your PMS, tickets to your POS, etc. – as if they were booked there in the first place. Even more, accounting and reporting are baked right in.

Connect to Other Commerce Accounts

Best of all, every Commerce account can be linked to any other account. So, if you have partner hotels or activity providers, you can easily sell their products alongside yours (or vice-versa) with the same real-time rates and transaction syncing.

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