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Commerce Quick Tip: Remember the 5 Day Rule

Inntopia will not process more than one transaction within 5 days. For example, a guest makes a reservation 32 days prior to arrival. Your deposit schedule states that 50% is due at the time of booking and the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to arrival. At the time of booking, the guest will be charged the total amount due. This happens because both …

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Analyzing Audiences with Performance Insights in IBM Watson

Updated 5.28.2019

If you’re already familiar with the top five classic reports in Watson, you’re ready to tackle the relatively new Performance Insights reporting tool. The first thing you’ll likely notice in Performance Insights are the brightly colored graphs, or widgets, that fill the screen. They’re much more visual than classic reports, but the most unique feature is the ability to learn about your …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Should I Use Black Out Dates or Date Overrides?

Are you using Black Out Dates or Date Overrides? What’s the difference? Black Out Dates will restrict the promotion from appearing in search results at all if the search parameters include any of the Black Out Dates whereas a Date Override will allow for the promotion to be searchable and bookable on those restricted dates, but will offer either a different discount or no discount …

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Top Five Classic Reports in IBM Watson

Updated 5/28/2019

Reporting tools are your window into the large amount of data that Watson Campaign Automation collects about your email sends and web forms. Here we dive into five reports that will help you learn more about your email performance and your audience.

Note: I am covering Classic Reports in this post. Read about the new Performance Insights reporting tool here.

Single Mailing Report

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Commerce Quick Tip: Clear the Cache

When was the last time you cleared the cache? If you’re scratching your head trying to remember, then it’s probably time. The cache is something a browser uses to help pages load faster, making it easier for you to browse the web.  It saves a collection of text, images, and other things locally, so the browser doesn’t have to download it all again when you …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Updating RACK Rates in SMS

If you use SMS|Host and plan to change your default RACK rate, please contact your SAM before making any updates in SMS|Host. Both SMS|Host and Inntopia must mirror each other and there are a series of necessary steps that must be completed to ensure that everything syncs properly.

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Commerce Quick Tip: New Customer Requirements

In case you haven’t noticed, three new customer requirements have been added to make collecting guest information more convenient.  Depending on your needs, you can now use: Height – Imperial and Metric, Weight – Imperial and Metric, and Shoe Size US and EU. These will be useful now that your lifts will be turning very soon…

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Resellers: Coordinate Promotions with Your Suppliers

As we continue our series on how to coordinate with suppliers, let’s discuss promotions. Promotions are well worth the effort, but they require a lot of planning and discussion prior to setting them up. Make the most of your promotions with these tips:

Stay Engaged

The only way to know what’s going on in your area is to stay actively engaged. Attend community mixers, read …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Working with Barcodes

We have the ability to integrate barcodes with Siriusware. Additional options are available with other POS vendors. Contact us to see which options are available for you.

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Winter is Coming! Is Your Site Ready?

Old Man Winter has been getting plenty of rest this summer and he’ll be heading our way very soon. Are you ready? We’re not asking if you have stacked your firewood, purchased snow tires, or finished repairing your roof. We want to know if you’re ready with any of those Inntopia winter related tasks that are piling up (just like the snow will be!).

We …

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