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News What’s new in Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

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I think we can all agree that the last year was a little crazy…okay, very crazy. Despite everything that was happening, Inntopia’s dedicated engineering teams were still coding, building new features, and finding creative solutions to problems we never expected to have. Here’s a quick recap of some of our recent features that you could start using today to make tomorrow better.

Mobiniti Text Messaging

Inntopia Marketing Cloud announced a new partnership with Mobiniti. This partnership gives you the power to generate custom lists from your database and instantly sync them to Mobiniti for targeted text messaging campaigns, just like you do with email lists and social media audiences. The potential is endless, not just through traditional campaigns, but also through contests, mobile coupons, and loyalty programs.

NextGen Confirmation Platform

One of the biggest sources of frustration at a resort has always been confirmation emails, regardless of how important they are. With Inntopia’s NextGen Confirmation Platform, you can customize the email template, booking details, upsell opportunities, policies and details, and imagery. Not only can you customize the entire confirmation with dynamic content, but you can also simplify how you send and resend confirmations, while monitoring the entire process from a custom dashboard.

List Builder Improvements

New user roles were added throughout Inntopia Marketing Cloud. Inntopia staff can now easily grant appropriate permissions for only the areas your team members need to access, such as reports or the customer lookup.

How often are you generating lists for agencies or third-party vendors? To make life easier, you can now schedule output from List Builder to be sent to an email address or third-party app at any cadence required by the agencies or vendors. Add to that the ability to set it up for a relative date (such as “current date” or “today through seven days in the future”) and you can cross something else off your endless to-do list.

From any list query, very quickly see a profile view of your audience. Create and save your query and then open the Customer Profile tab to see an easily exportable dashboard, including geographic, demographic, and visitation information. If that is not enough, don’t overlook the Fields Tab where you can build custom data sets to export into your analysis tool of choice. While not technically new, it’s a favorite feature of our team that deserves a loyal following.  Want some more help? Check out the video in Innovative U.

Ongoing, Automatic Sync of Audiences to Facebook and Google Ad Platforms

Are you running an on-going campaign that requires a fresh list daily? Be sure to check out the newest export option for both Facebook and Google Ad Platforms. When exporting your list, simply select the option to optimize audiences to save on ad spend. No need to waste money advertising to passholders who have already purchased or to display lodging promotions to people who are already on-the-books.

Advanced Multi-Location Resort Functionality

Do you have an organization with multiple resort locations where you want to keep your data in separate silos for marketing purposes, and also want to have a high-level corporate view? Inntopia’s newest advancements allow for maximum flexibility to set up your data however your corporate structure requires. This gives you ultimate control over both permissions and visibility into your data.

Contactless Ticket Purchase and Pickup

We have a new contactless solution for you: Transactional Barcode Emails for Contactless Experience. With this feature, guests can purchase a ticket online and then, at the kiosk, scan the barcode included in their confirmation email to retrieve their ticket. Not only is this a Covid-friendly option, but it provides your guests with a quick and easy way to get on the slopes (or other activity), without needing to visit the ticket window. Transactions sync in real-time on the day of purchase, so a guest can purchase their ticket the morning they plan to ski or ride. This feature is mobile-optimized including compatibility with dark mode.

New Reports and Dashboards

More than 10 reports and dashboards were launched in 2020. If you’re looking for a variety of KPI’s evaluating different parts of your data, check out these new dashboards: Email Campaign, Executive Summary, Lodging Pace, NPS, and Pass Pace. Dashboards are also conveniently pushed to your inbox based on a cadence of your choice.

Here’s a rundown of some awesome new reports you should be using:

    • Pass Scan Detail Report: Our team was working on this throughout 2020, and we’re not waiting a year to remind you to use it, because it’s that amazing. The Pass Scan Detail Report is full of incredible insights, including scans over time, a scan map showing where those scanned guests are based, and key trends, such as pass grouping and day-of-week scan counts. To top it off, AI-powered findings give you key stories within your data, all explained in easy-to-understand sentences!
    • Campaign Summary: If you haven’t yet looked at this report, look at it today. The Campaign Summary uses Microsoft Power BI® to benchmark your resort against others in your region, providing insight on your overall performance.
    • And more: If you have an integration with Open Table, the F&B Arrival report is available to you. We’ve also added a new VIP Detail segment that identifies social influencers, high spenders, corporate executives, and more. You can find this new trait across a variety of our reports or by querying List Builder on-demand.

New Third-Party Integrations

The list of Marketing Cloud third-party integrations grew in 2020. If your resort uses one of the following, contact your Strategic Account Manager to learn how you could benefit from one of these new integrations or from the expansion of a current integration.

Aspenware Arrival Mobiniti
EZ Links Open Table
FareHarbor Resort Suite
Gateway Ticketing Systems Springer-Miller Systems
Infor HMS Wayin/Cheetah
LS Retail

One More Cool Thing

If you also use Inntopia Commerce and have guest credits you’d like to see redeemed, we can send your reminder emails to your guests listing any resort credits and the expiration dates. Most guests forget their credits exist, so this is a great way to encourage the guest to go back to the resort since the idea of losing money already spent will inspire them to book a future trip.

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