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News How many confirmations do hotels have to resend?

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Resending confirmations are a fact of life in the world of hospitality. Whether you’re:

  • Resending confirmations the guest didn’t receive.
  • Resending confirmations after the guest changes their itinerary.
  • Resending confirmations to other people who need them.

These are all normal things a guest needs as part of the service a hotel provides. So if the problem isn’t the resends themselves, what is it?

Two Problems

There are two main issues that take confirmations from a helpful service to a time-sucking source of frustration:

  1. How many unnecessary resends they have to handle.
  2. How long it takes to send out each one.

So let’s take a large hotel (or group of smaller hotels) for example.

First, they are probably resending 10-15% of confirmations. So if they see 100 bookings a day, they’re resending 10-15.

Second, each resend can take 30 minutes (or more). One hotel who came to us was having to manually create the html with changes for each and send as a one-off email. This may be an extreme, but thousands of hotels have similarly time-heavy workarounds.

In other words, this simple scenario would have that hotel spending 5-7.5 hours per day doing nothing but resending confirmations. Compared to our hotel clients who spend, at most, 20-30 minutes a day even when they’re handle a lot of resends? It’s pretty remarkable.

How We Solve It

Our Next-Gen Confirmations platform solves with with three powerful features.

First, booking changes are automatically synced and resent. Cancellation? Different dates? Room change? It’s all good. This alone can save hours a day for some properties.

Second, one-click resends (even if to a different address). This can be handled right from your Inntopia Marketing Cloud account. Searching for a guest and resending their confirmation takes about 20-25 seconds.

Third, hospitality’s best deliverability. Which means more confirmations are making it to the inbox in the first place. We’ve helped resorts and hotels send more than 2.5 billion email marketing campaigns and have a team of in-house deliverability experts.

Add this all up and you have fewer resends a human has to worry about and a platform that does all the heavy lifting when you do have to handle manually. It’s one of the many reasons hotels love Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

Want to see our confirmations platform in action? Just reach out! We’d love to show you around.

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