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Facebook audience push is live! Here are a few ideas to get started.
Marketing Cloud News

As you may have heard, we just announced that our Facebook audience integration is live. Without leaving the list builder, you can turn any query into a custom Facebook audience in just a couple of clicks.

So where do you start? To answer that, you’ve gotta look at the value this feature creates:

  • Reaching people who aren’t being reached with email (not emailable, disengaged, etc.)
  • Reaching people on another channel / touchpoint

Both are really important parts of any marketing strategy, so let’s talk about a few ways to capitalize.


An easy way to check both boxes is to recreate commonly used email segments as Facebook audiences. Things like:

  • Drive vs fly markets
  • Season passholders
  • High RFM or loyal guests
  • Families

Do that now, and the next time you need to boost a post or target an ad, they’ll be ready to go.


Next, look for opportunities to create focused audiences on the fly for time-sensitive campaigns:

  • Passholders that haven’t renewed for that push before your fall deadline
  • Past guests with large follower counts to showcase a new product or experience
  • Loyal past guests who aren’t on the books for that 72-hour lodging special

If you’re generating an email list, chances are it’s worth having on Facebook too.


Remember, you can target based on any combination of traits (including custom traits) so whether you’re combining social media activity with location and lifetime spend or passholder status with survey results and family size, if you can build a query with it you can now easily push it to Facebook.

And if you do something clever with this new tool, send us an email ( and let us know. We’d love to hear.

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