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New: Create Facebook Audiences Right from the List Builder
Marketing Cloud New Features

Ever wanted to turn a list into a custom Facebook audience without downloading the results and uploading to your ad account? Now you can with our new Facebook audience integration. Use any trait – including custom traits – to build targeted lists of guests and then push those to Facebook in just a few clicks.

You can find some simple ways to get started here or read the full press release below.

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STOWE, VT – Inntopia announced today a new integration with Facebook that allows Marketing Cloud users to automatically push custom guest lists to the social network’s ad platform as audiences.

“There is no arguing with the value and potential of social media targeting in terms of guest outreach and marketing,” said Inntopia’s CEO, Trevor Crist. “Inntopia’s unmatched ability to aggregate and cleanse guest data already gives our clients a massive leg up versus other platforms, and now they can use all those guest insights and behaviors to create extremely targeted audiences on these social platforms.”

The integration is an extension of Inntopia Marketing Cloud’s powerful list builder tool that allows users to use any trait, including custom-built traits unique to the property, to easily build logic-based queries of their guest data. Once a query is run, it takes just two clicks to push the results into a custom audience with the user’s Facebook Ad account.

For example, if a resort or hotel saw a spike in school breaks in one of their markets, they could create a custom audience of families with two or more children within that MSA who are not currently on the books.

“We are unique in our ability to make the most of these integrations,” said Ben Zeeb, Inntopia’s SVP of Marketing Cloud. “We not only have incredibly clean, accurate data, but we store it in a way that gives our clients the best rate of getting a match on Facebook’s system and increases the reach of each audience you create.”

The integration gives users access to audiences that can be used to target campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram with more platforms and ways to sync data coming in upcoming releases.

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