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Commerce Quick Tip: Make Your Widget Work For You

Are you getting the most out of your booking widget? In addition to lodging, you can offer your other best selling products or services. Widgets that include multiple categories, such as lodging and activities, are known as dynamic widgets. Empower your guests to purchase more by streamlining their online experience. To learn more about dynamic widgets, contact your Strategic Account Manager.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Don’t Miss the Accounting Webinar!

When: Tuesday, April 17, 2pm – 3pm EDT

You have accounting questions. We have accounting answers. In this new webinar series, join Holly Baker as she dives into the high-demand topics within accounting. We’ll take a look at the top accounting questions that we commonly encounter, examine why they happen, and explain how to fix them. This session will focus on itineraries and customer account …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Destinations, Locations, and Neighborhoods

Did you know that there are additional search filters available to your agents and your guests who are booking online?  If you want to learn more about Destinations, Locations, and Neighborhoods, log into Innovative U for overview and configuration videos.

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Commerce Quick Tip: What If I Don’t Acknowledge that Res?

If you’re a supplier, within the Inntopia RMS, you will see a list of all new reservations on the Home page. This is where you can acknowledge the booking and add your confirmation number. But what happens if you don’t acknowledge them?

Well, the guest will still arrive. This is an actual, live booking that the guest has already made. They plan to be showing …

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Why we love our clients: innovation, collaboration, and creativity

At Inntopia, we live our core values every day: innovation, partnership, collaboration, efficiency, partnership, and accountability. Our partners (unofficially) live them, too. As the strategic account manager for SkiBig3, a destination marketing organization based in Canada’s Banff National Park, I have a front row seat to the innovative approaches they take to eCommerce and marketing.

With a long ski season, a well-established sales strategy, and …

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One way to drive your KPIs: the Inntopia API

Tourism Whistler is a non-profit, marketing, and sales organization representing more than 7,000 members who own, manage, and operate properties or businesses in Whistler, British Columbia. Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia just two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler Resort offers two majestic mountains with a vibrant base village; epic skiing and snowboarding; four championship golf courses; unbeatable shopping, restaurants, and bars; …

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Commerce Quick Tip: My Report Doesn’t Show Any Data

The Inventory Change Report and the Rate Change Report within the Inntopia RMS are great tools to use. It lets you see when the last change was made to the quantity or rate for a specific product on a specific date, including when the change was made. But there may be times when you run it and it says No data available in table.  …

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Disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council has mandated that support for early TLS protocols be disabled by June 30, 2018. Doing so will make Inntopia systems more secure by removing the vulnerabilities found in these protocols.

As a result, Inntopia will disable both TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in our Production environment in May 2018. All communication will then be transmitted securely using the newest TLS …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Rearranging Photos is a Cinch

You’re probably getting ready to sell your summer products. With summer products, comes summer photos.  Products can support as many photos as you’d like, but you can only upload up-to-26 photos at a time. Once you’ve uploaded them, it’s easy to rearrange them.  Simply drag and drop them into the sequence in which they should be displayed online.  You can also update the Display Sequence

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Commerce Quick Tip: Deactivate in a Heartbeat

Deactivate (and activate) products in no time. Open the Settings menu for the product that you’d like to update. From the list, select Deactivate and then confirm that you would like to continue. Once a product has been deactivated, a flag will appear next to the product name so you can quickly identify which ones are inactive. Re-activating a product is just as easy. From …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Has It Been That Long?

Has it been a while since you last logged into the RMS or CRS?  If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Your Password link on the login page of the RMS (or the Reset Password link in the CRS) to receive a temporary password.  When you reset your password, you will need to enter your username (not your email address).  Inntopia will …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Love Your Pricing Family

If you’ve been hoping to add yielded products to your promotions and bundles, now you can.  When you add pricing families to your configuration, the guest will be presented with the lowest-priced yielded product available for that component.  To learn more, check out Innovative U or this blog post.

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New Partner: Distribute Your Lodging Inventory With CanadaStays

This is the first of several announcements we’ll be making over the next little while about new distribution partners. It’s an exciting time.

Inntopia’s developers and project managers have been working very hard to bring these new partners on board. The goal is to give users of Inntopia’s Commerce platform (specifically the omni-product reservation management system, or RMS) the ability to distribute, market, and sell …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Instantly Filter Lists

The Search / Filter field at the top of the Products or Promotions pages automatically filters the list with your first keystroke. Now you’ll find what you’re looking for much sooner!

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Commerce Quick Tip: What’s That Number?

On the Products page, you may have noticed a number in parenthesis next to the product name in the Product column.  This is the Inntopia Product Id.  By adding this ID number to the Products page, you can now more easily identify which product is which when they have similar names.

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Use Yielded Products in Promotions and Bundles

We know that the ability to yield products is a powerful tool in your pricing strategy. Now, we’ve expanded that functionality beyond the YieldView Calendar by incorporating yielded products within promotions and bundles. When a guest selects a specific component within a promotion or bundle, they are presented with the lowest-priced yielded product available.

How Does It Work?

In Inntopia RMS, the yielded products you …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Are You Seeing Stars?

On the Products page, you may have noticed a star (or multiple stars!) in the Product Group column.  If you use product groups or pricing families, the star indicates which product is designated as the group leader.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Just Show Inactive Products!

It is now easy to view a list of products that have been deactivated.  From the Products page, you have the option to view active products only, inactive products only, or both.  To view only inactive products, check the Show inactive products box and un-check the Show active products box.

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Market, Promote, and Aid Your Guests with Direct URLs

Maybe your website has unique pages for each of your product offerings. Maybe you’d like to make promotional emails easier to navigate. Maybe your marketing team wants to highlight specific products. Whatever your goals, using direct URLs can help!

Where Can You Use a Direct URL?

A direct URL can be used in a variety of places. You can use it for guests to click …

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Commerce Quick Tip: No End Date Needed

When searching for a same day product, such as a lift ticket or an activity, within the Inntopia CRS, you can enter the single day and select GO to display all available single day products for that day. You do not have to enter an end (To) date in the calendar. Don’t you just love fewer clicks?

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