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Use Yielded Products in Promotions and Bundles

We know that the ability to yield products is a powerful tool in your pricing strategy. Now, we’ve expanded that functionality beyond the YieldView Calendar by incorporating yielded products within promotions and bundles. When a guest selects a specific component within a promotion or bundle, they are presented with the lowest-priced yielded product available.

How Does It Work?

In Inntopia RMS, the yielded products you …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Are You Seeing Stars?

On the Inntopia RMS Products page, you may have noticed a star (or multiple stars!) in the Product Group column.  If you use product groups or pricing families, the star indicates which product is designated as the group leader.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Just Show Inactive Products!

It is now easy to view a list of products that have been deactivated.  From the Inntopia RMS Products page, you have the option to view active products only, inactive products only, or both.  To view only inactive products, check the Show inactive products box and uncheck the Show active products box.


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Market, Promote, and Aid Your Guests with Direct URLs

Maybe your website has unique pages for each of your product offerings. Maybe you’d like to make promotional emails easier to navigate. Maybe your marketing team wants to highlight specific products. Whatever your goals, using direct URLs can help!

Where Can You Use a Direct URL?

A direct URL can be used in a variety of places. You can use it for guests to click …

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Commerce Quick Tip: No End Date Needed

When searching for a same day product, such as a lift ticket or an activity, within the Inntopia CRS, you can enter the single day and select GO to display all available single day products for that day. You do not have to enter an end (To) date in the calendar. Don’t you just love fewer clicks?

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New Feature: Timeout online user sessions

To align with eCommerce best practices, Inntopia has added a new setting to trigger a session timeout to prevent unauthorized users from completing a check-out. This applies to guests booking through an online sales channel (eCommerce site). When a user session expires, the user must then log back in to continue the session; however, information entered prior to expiration remains intact and does not need …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Which Phone Number Is That?

In the Inntopia RMS, you will notice that phone numbers are properly labeled within the Reservation Detail screen. So, now you will know which one is which (home, mobile, and work).

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Making Deposit Schedules Work for You

With so many options for configuring deposit schedules, it can be overwhelming to know which one has been applied. These six tips will help you with setup and understanding how your deposits are calculated.

1. Roll With It

A rolling default deposit schedule is the most important piece to have in place. A rolling default schedule ensures that some form of a policy is applied …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Have Agentopia Remind You!

Did you know that you can view and add reminders from within Agentopia? From the Settings & Tools menu (upper right), select My Reminders.

You can also set up a reminder for a specific itinerary quickly by selecting the Add a Reminder link from the Itinerary Pane (if an itinerary is displayed). The reminder setup window will be automatically populated with the itinerary number …

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Commerce Quick Tip: I Just Want to Pick and Choose

Updating the Tape Chart within Inntopia RMS is pretty easy. Double-click in a cell and update the number(s). But if you have to update multiple dates and room types at a time, this can become cumbersome. There are several ways that you can update multiple cells at once. Simply left-click and hold as you move the cursor across consecutive cells. This works both across the …

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Helpful Update to eComm Inventory Display


eCommerce sales channels now display Quantity Available consistently for grouped and stand-alone interfaced products.


Partners who use a two-way interface for activity products. If you do not use a two-way interface for activity products, this change does not affect your products.


The eCommerce inventory display quantities for grouped products now follow the same behavior as non-grouped products. The available quantity displayed to …

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Commerce Quick Tip: How Do You Translate That?

Bienvenido. Willkommen. Bienvenue. Välkommen. Benvenuto. Bem vinda. There’s nothing more inviting to your guests than knowing who they are and catering to their needs. This includes translating your descriptions and email notifications to their preferred language. In addition to English, you can add translated information in Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Italian, and Portuguese. But if you don’t have anyone available who can translate, you probably …

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Agentopia: Explore the Itinerary Timeline

What Is the Itinerary Timeline?

The Itinerary Timeline shows you information about itinerary item status, changes that have been made and by whom, agent notes related to the itinerary, and specific details such as product rates and details, customer requirements, and remote system information.

How Do I View the Itinerary Timeline?

Within Agentopia, search for an itinerary. At the bottom of the Itinerary pane, click …

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Commerce Quick Tip: The Question is: Require or Suggest?

Most of the time, you’ll be creating a bundle with products that are suggested. This gives the guest the option to purchase the original item and then opt out of purchasing what you offer within the bundle.

If you require the bundle, then any of the child products included are automatically added to the cart. If the guest does not want to purchase those add-ons, …

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Your Browser Might Just Need a Refresh

“I need to clear my what? What is a cache?” Keeping your website up-to-date and accurate is a big job. When you make changes to it, you must also verify that your changes are displayed correctly in each of the major browsers. If they don’t, it can be frustrating to figure out why.

Enter The Cache. The cache (pronounced like cash), is used by browsers …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Can I Discount My Bundle?

How do you offer discounted products within a bundle? It can be done but you need to think about what a bundle really is. Bundles are a way to offer the guest complementary products when they purchase a specific product. A bundle doesn’t group products together to offer a discount; that’s what a promotion does. But you can offer discounted products within your bundle by …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Restrict Who Can Purchase A Bundled Product

If you want a product to be available only for bundled offers, no problem! Within Inntopia RMS, find the product. From the Settings menu for that product, select Restrictions and then check the box next to Check if this item can only be sold as part of a bundle. This will prevent the product from appearing on your eComm site or within Inntopia CRS.…

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Don’t Overlook Your Blackout Dates!

Do you have a ski and ride package that is only available mid-week? Or perhaps an activity that isn’t offered mid-week? How do you build your promotions to cater to this type of schedule? It’s easy to do by setting up blackout dates.

When you define your blackout dates, your guest can easily see when the promotion can be booked. In this example, the mid-week …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Go Ahead, Bundle It!

Are you using Product Bundles? Bundles allow you to suggest or require products to be sold when other products are purchased. This will offer the guest more options, allowing you to upsell easier, which will increase revenue. More information about how to create Product Bundles is available within Innovative U.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Benefit from Itinerary Notes!

How are you communicating internally about guests and itineraries? For example, a VIP guest requests an early check in. How are you ensuring that the right people know about it?  Itinerary Notes within Agentopia can help. A huge benefit of this feature is that you can easily and quickly send a note to other resources about a specific itinerary. Once you’ve got it setup, it …

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