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Commerce Quick Tip: Do You Bulk Load?

No, we’re not talking about your workout. We’re talking about efficiently managing your rates and availability for activity products. From the Tape Chart within the RMS, you have the option to upload a spreadsheet template that includes product dates, availability, and base rates.  We know you’re busy, so this is a great way to save some time. You can find the “how to” in this …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Customize Text on Emails

When was the last time you reviewed the text on the email messages your guests receive?  At the bottom of the System page within the CRS, you have ability to modify the text on cancellations, confirmations, and saved itineraries.  You can also update your Do Not Reply message and unsubscribe URL.  And don’t forget that you can also add translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Show Me Your Favicon

Did you know that you can display your organization’s favicon when the guest is browsing your eComm site? If the guest is using Chrome or Firefox, your favicon can be displayed in the address bar (unfortunately, this is not available with IE). For more information, take a look at this Wikitopia article.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Are you using neighborhoods? If you’re not, you should be. The Neighborhood filter doesn’t reload the page, so the guest’s experience is easy and instant. To watch a video on how it could work for you, log into Innovative U.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Do You Need a Time Out?

Okay, maybe you don’t need a time out, but your guests’ browser sessions do. Setting a browser session time out will prevent unauthorized users from completing a check-out through an eCommerce site.  When the user session expires, the user must then log back in to continue the session; however, information entered prior to expiration remains intact and does not need to be re-entered. For more …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Instantly Rename a Product Group

Changing the name of a product group has never been easier.  You can now update the name from the Products page within the RMS.  Click on the product group from the Products page, change the name, and then select Update.  Ta-dah!

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Commerce Quick Tip: Matching Products & the YieldView Calendar

If you’re using the YieldView calendar, are the names and age ranges of your categories aligned with your branding and pricing? For example, you may name the age range from 6 to 12 a “Junior” but it’s labeled as “Child” on the YieldView calendar. Want to change it to “Junior”? Need to change the younger age from 5 to 6? No problem! Give your account …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Delete Selected Items? Yes, Please!

Now you can delete multiple unconfirmed items from an itinerary within the CRS. From the itinerary, check the box above the delete link for each item you wish to remove. Once you’ve selected all the products that need to be removed, scroll to the bottom of the itinerary and then click Delete selected items. YAY!

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Commerce Quick Tip: Displaying Products on Itineraries

By default, Inntopia displays identical multiple products on the itinerary with the quantity indicated. For example, if the guest selects three adult 1-Day tickets, they will see (Qty: 3) Adult 1 Day on the itinerary. If desired, each individual product can be displayed as its own line item. For more information, review this wiki article and then contact Partner Services to discuss having it enabled.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Bring Change to the Neighborhood

Did you know that you can change your neighborhoods seasonally? For the winter, it makes sense to have neighborhoods named “ski in / ski out” or “slopeside”. But guests aren’t necessarily looking for “ski in/ski out” in the summer. To make your summer offerings more appealing, you can change the names to something more relevant, like “creek side”, “adjacent to bike trails”, or “accessible to …

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