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It’s Time to Enroll at Innovative U!

Are you enrolled at Innovative U? Innovative U is Inntopia’s online learning platform and is available to all partners and suppliers who want to learn more about Inntopia’s product suite. Whether you need to brush-up on a specific area or learn about a new feature, Innovative U is your one-stop shop for training videos. When you have new staff to train or returning staff to retrain, Innovative U can become part of your on-boarding process. Consider these three questions about your current training program:

Who Trains Your Staff?

Let me ask…are you one of the people responsible for spearheading training efforts? Do you have a dedicated trainer? Innovative U can help take some of the pressure off by providing comprehensive training on dozens of Commerce and Marketing Cloud topics, including Agentopia, Promotions and Bundles, Configuration, System Preferences, and Inntopia Insight just to name a few. If you’re assigning training to whomever happens to be working that day, then Innovative U can step in and become one of your most reliable training resources.

When Are They Being Trained?

Here’s my next question…when do you actually have time to train your staff? Everyone is busy, plain and simple. When you’re attending meetings and completing other daily tasks, training is always the last thing prioritized. It’s even more complicated when you need to coordinate many schedules while keeping the operation running. If you can send your staff to Innovative U for a small amount of time each day, they can receive training and you can continue to do your job. Innovative U is available 24/7, so it works with your schedule and your staff’s.

How Consistent is the Training?

Think about this question for a moment…do you think each new staff member is trained uniformly each time? One of the biggest challenges with training is consistency. If you have several people providing training, can you ensure each topic is covered thoroughly and the same way each time? When your staff is trained using Innovative U, everyone receives the same training directly from Inntopia. Providing your staff with a solid foundation is key; once they learn how to use the platform properly, you can then spend more time training your specific SOPs.

As you hire new staff for the upcoming season, send them to Innovative U. Not only will it work for a variety of schedules and provide thorough, consistent training, it will always be there for future reference.

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