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News Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection

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Five minutes, that’s all it takes. A trip to refill your cup of coffee probably takes longer than that! You may have noticed the Five-Minute Inspection emails over the last few days and hopefully you have taken some time to review.

We started this new series to offer reminders to do a quick check, or inspection, if you will, on different areas of the Inntopia Commerce system; areas of the system you don’t visit often but may need your attention from time to time. Think of this series as your “reminder” so you don’t miss something important simply because it’s out of sight, out of mind. As your operation changes through the seasons, so will your configuration needs. Keeping these things up-to-date will improve the booking experience for both your staff and your guests.

We know how busy you are and we hope you find these reminders helpful. So grab that coffee and take another five!

Five-Minute Inspection: Policies

Five Minute Inspection: Taxes

Five-Minute Inspection: Fees

Five-Minute Inspection: Amenities

Five-Minute Inspection: User Access

Five-Minute Inspection: Photos

Five-Minute Inspection: Contact Info

Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Dates

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