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Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Dates

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Dates

Five minutes is all it takes to ensure the dates on your recycled, reused, or revamped promotions are accurate for the current season.

If you have promotions that you run year-over-year, then it makes sense to reuse the same promotions from last year; however, you should double-check your dates so they reflect the life of the promotion for this season. A few dates to keep in mind when revamping your promotions include: Dates Available, Booking Dates, Blackout Dates, and Date Overrides.


  • To review Dates Available, Booking Dates, and Blackout Dates, open the RMS Promotions page and in Options, open the Settings page for each promotion you want to review.
  • To review Date Overrides, open the RMS Promotions page and open the Discount page under each component within the promotion.

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