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Five-Minute Inspection: Photos

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Photos


Photos are one of the most important parts of your eCommerce site. They show the guest what to expect. When was the last time you updated your photos? Perhaps it’s a good time to go to your site and have a look around. What is your guest’s visual experience like? Based on the photos you see, would you be enticed to book a stay?

Now that we’re heading into the winter season, are you still showing summer photos? Make it a habit to rotate your photos seasonally. Chances are your guests are booking now for the upcoming season. Let them know what your property will look like when they arrive!

Pro tips:

  • Think about what’s new at your property. Do you have any photos of upgrades? On the flip side, remove any photos that no longer apply.
  • Consider cropping your photos to bring focus to a particular element within the photo.
  • More is better! The guest will have a better idea of what to expect when you provide them more photos.
  • Don’t forget to add descriptive captions to provide the guest more details.
    Resize your photos to 840w x 460h.
  • Think about the order in which the photos appear to the guest using the display sequence. Show your best photos first.


  • To review Company-wide photos, open your RMS Company page and open the Photos tab.
  • To review Product-specific photos, open your RMS Products page and in Settings, open the Photos page for each product you want to review.

For more information, review our Inntopia Help topic about photos.

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