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Lodging Suppliers: What Else Can You Offer Me?

Dear Lodging Supplier,

I’m your guest. I’m ready to have a great experience and spend some money. I’ve booked my room and tickets, but what else can you offer me?

I know that you have a beautiful property and wonderful amenities, but you probably also have some ‘extra’ products and services that you’re not offering online. I’ve done some research and I know there is …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Resetting RMS Passwords

To reset someone’s password within Inntopia RMS, you need to know their username. You can do this by logging into Inntopia RMS and then selecting Company > User Access. Verify their username and then log out. From the login page, select the Forgot Your Password? link and enter the username. The user will need to access their email account associated with their username to …

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The Five RMS Features You Should Be Using Right Now

Are you taking advantage of all of the features that Inntopia RMS has to offer? Check out these five features that can make your operation more efficient while increasing your revenue potential and providing more options to your guests.

1. Tape Chart Bulk Load Tool

Managing rates, availability, and restrictions takes time. If you’re not already using the Bulk Load feature within the Tape Chart, …

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Commerce Quick Tip: There’s a Bulk Upload Template Tool?

Loading inventory at the beginning of the season? The Bulk Upload Template tool within the Tape Chart can save you time and get you selling faster! Simply export the template from the Bulk Load page in Inntopia RMS, add product information (for anything other than Lodging or Merchandise), and upload your updated inventory.

To learn more, view the Managing Your Inntopia RMS course within Innovative

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Commerce Quick Tip: What about Pets?

Within Inntopia RMS, you will now find a designated place to inform guests of your pet policy. From the home page, select the Company tab and then Pet Policy from the menu.

For more information about Company page, check out our module within Innovative U.

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Eight Lessons and Tactics for a Successful Quantity-Based Ticket Sale

We do ski destination marketing for SkiBig3 and our typical campaigns follow a tick-tock model where we alternate between deadline-driven package sales and lift-ticket flash sales. It  works really well, but we have a long season that runs through May and once Easter passes, demand just plummets even though we still have about two months left of skiing.

This post-Easter lull creates an opportunity where

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Commerce Quick Tip: When Was That Changed?

Did you know you can run a report in the Inntopia RMS to view when rates and availability were changed? Click the Reports tab, then select the Rate Change History or Inventory Change History report. Search by the dates of stay to see when inventory or rates were changed.

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Revenue Management, Part 4: Strategies and Processes

If you’ve read the other three posts, you’re probably thinking “how do I bring all of this together?” Ask yourself these three things:

  • What is my strategy?
  • What are my goals?
  • What processes do I need to achieve my goals?

How Do I Develop a Revenue Strategy?

Work with your entire team to determine what your revenue goals are as an organization, and then …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Use Summer Specific Product Categories

Did you know that beyond our basic and most commonly used product categories (lodging, lift tickets, and equipment rentals), Inntopia offers more product categories that are summer specific? You may not even realize that you could be selling activities such as segway tours, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking tours, and horseback riding, just to name a few.

All of these could also be sold via the …

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Revenue Management, Part 3: Forecasting and Planning

In Part 2 of our series, we discussed market conditions that can affect your decision making. If you’ve researched those factors, you’re ready to take that information and put it into action. But exactly how do you do that? Read on to learn how to build a forecast with that information.

Why Is Forecasting Important?

Forecasting revenue is critical in any business model. It allows …

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Commerce Quick Tip: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s time to show off your summer products! Guests like to view photos not only of your lodging options, but also of the activities you offer. Provide several photos of each activity, including the views from the mountain bike trails and the gondola ride to the top of the zipline.

For optimal appearance online, we recommend the following dimensions for photos loaded into the RMS: …

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Revenue Management, Part 2: Market Conditions and Decisions

I love “geeking out” over Revenue Management, can’t you tell? As a finance professional, I’ve trained myself to always look at the big picture when it comes to Revenue Management. This approach allows for staying a step ahead of the competition and industry trends, and for adjusting your strategy proactively when necessary.

I’d like to share six basic market conditions to consider when making decisions …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Cross Reference that New Product!

Did you add a new product to your interfaced Inntopia supplier account? If your answer is yes, don’t forget to define the cross reference code that connects the product with your PMS or Channel Manager.  If you don’t know where to get the codes, contact your Account Manager or the Partner Services team for assistance.  Also, if you’re deactivating a product, don’t forget to remove …

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Revenue Management, Part 1: The Basics

This is the first in a new series about Revenue Management. For many of you, this may be review, but for others, we hope you learn something new. We’ll start with the basics and then build upon them throughout the series.

What is Revenue Management?

Our CEO, Trevor Crist, is well known around here for saying: “Sell the right product at the right price to …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Help! I Can’t Find My Product!

By now, your summer products should be ready to go.  If you don’t see a product appear online, remember to check rates, availability, booking restrictions, and channel restrictions.  It’s likely that one of these configuration settings is preventing it from displaying properly.  If you still can’t figure it out, don’t hesitate to reach out to Partner Services.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Access Wikitopia from the RMS

You can now access Wikitopia directly within the RMS.  Click on the Wikitopia or Release Notes links in the upper-right corner after you’ve logged in.

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Commerce Quick Tip: Using Larger Photos

Bring more focus to your photos by cropping them. To make your photos bigger, take a copy of the original high-resolution image and crop it outside of Inntopia RMS before uploading it. Not all of your images should be cropped, but cropping will bring focus to a particular element within the photo, and will make that element appear bigger online. Think about cropping out areas …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Comparison Tool

Want an easy way to build quotes with multiple itineraries that the guest can compare side-by-side? If you use Agentopia, the Comparison Tool is already at your fingertips.   Even if you don’t actually send the guest a quote, your agents are still creating them to provide the guest some options. Log into Innovative U to learn more!

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Why Won’t My Promotion Calculate Correctly?

As a follow-up to our last troubleshooting post, Why Doesn’t My Promotion Display Properly Online?,  we’re going to dive deep into why your promotion might not calculate correctly. With so many discounting options available, incorrect settings can easily cause unexpected results.

  1. Who Controls the Discounts? You have the option to control the discounts of each component or allow the supplier to do it. If
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Commerce Quick Tip: Content Management Tool

Did you know that you can customize and override supplier short names and descriptions? By enabling the Reseller Content Management tool, you can have control over those fields as well as product names and descriptions. Read more here →

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