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Password Reset Tips
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Passwords…we all have dozens, and it can be challenging to keep track of them all. If you need to reset your Inntopia RMS or CRS password, follow these quick tips.

Know Your User ID

When you click the password reset link, be sure to enter your user ID when prompted, not your email address. The email address associated with the user account will then receive the temporary password needed for the reset.

Verify Your Email Address

The next time you login to Inntopia RMS or CRS, go to your user profile to verify that your email address is correct. If you’ve entered the wrong email address in your user profile, you won’t receive password reset emails in your inbox.


If you have four failed login attempts, your account will be locked. But don’t fret; accounts are unlocked after 60 minutes, giving you another opportunity to login correctly. Or, if you can’t wait, contact partner services and they can unlock it for you.

Still Having Trouble?

If the above steps have failed and you still cannot login, your manager can create a new account for you and grant you the appropriate privileges.

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