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Inntopia Marketing Cloud Now Works With Vivaticket
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What’s better than a new major integration? Nothing.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud, the CRM & Automated Marketing platform built for travel, is now connected to Vivaticket, one of the most popular and powerful ticketing and POS platforms for attractions.

We’re now able to pull robust guest and transaction data from Vivaticket, including for any purchase made online, on-site, or over the phone. This data is synced, cleansed, and run through Marketing Cloud’s proprietary matching, de-duplicating, and householding algorithm daily.

It’s then combined with a myriad of other data sources including social platforms, surveys, lodging and other transactions, and partner systems to give your marketing team (and the rest of your organization) a comprehensive, actionable 360° view of your guests.

This makes segmenting, targeting, and automating marketing and other guest communications not just possible, but powerful and effective. Marketing Cloud makes it easy to find the guests you want and then reach them via IBM Watson-powered emails, ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, or even good old fashioned snail mail. (Moms with school-aged kids from Chicago with a lifetime value of $10k and at least 1,000 Twitter followers who haven’t visited yet this year? Yep, we can target them.)

Our First Vivaticket Integration User: Water World

Water World in Denver, CO is the first to go live with Marketing Cloud’s new Vivaticket integration.

They came to us as existing Vivaticket users because they wanted to be able to automatically retarget their guests, create new revenue with automated up-sell messaging, and enhance their brand and guest experience overall.

Here are a few automated campaigns Water World is coming out of the gate with:

  • Retargeting day ticket visitors and season pass holders from the last two years who haven’t visited yet this year
  • Sending event announcements and reminders to season pass holders
  • Scan count mailings and pre-arrival offers based on products already purchased
  • Abandoned cart campaigns to re-engage guests who started an purchase but didn’t check out
  • Post-departure surveys and thank you emails

How did they get all of this set up so quickly? By having Inntopia Digital Services update and redesign their email templates, including extensive cross-browser and cross-device testing to ensure deliverability and a good guest experience.

It’s Time to Break Your Data Out Of Jail

Your POS is chock-full of guest and transaction data that could be making sales for you. Set up a call and we’ll show you exactly how far you could move the needle with Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

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