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News Maestro: A Full PMS Suite of Web Browser Based Integrated Hospitality Products with More Innovation on the Way

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 May 6, 2021

As part of Insight Online 2021, we’re highlighting some of the incredibly supportive sponsors who have made this year’s event possible.

We were thrilled to announce our integration with Maestro PMS last year. One of the most well-known and innovative systems in hospitality, they’ve built a neatly integrated suite of products that continues to expand as the future of travel evolves. Our integration with them, however, was no accident. Because not only are their products integrated with one another, they’ve developed powerful interfaces and APIs to allow 3rd parties like Inntopia to join their ecosystem.

With an impressive past, innovative present, and bright future, we wanted to learn more about their story. Here’s what Maestro’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Margaret Legum, had to say.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how did you end up with Maestro?

I began my career in hospitality working at an upscale bed and breakfast property and have held top executive positions with leading PMS providers since then. Prior to coming to Maestro in 2005, I spent 15 years as VP of Sales and Catering systems with VisualOne (now Agilisys). I have firsthand knowledge of hospitality operations and the role technology plays in driving revenue, improving guest service, and increasing staff productivity, and I know how to leverage technology to benefit both our current system users and operators.

Maestro is one of the great brands in hospitality. Give us the quick version of the company’s story and when it was founded.

Our company was founded in 1978 by Jacob Dehan, providing custom software development services for various industries when off-the-shelf software was not available. At that time, a large luxury Canadian hotel chain enlisted us to develop hotel-specific applications, and the roots for our focus on hospitality were born. Now exclusively focused on hospitality and managed by the second generation of the family, Warren Dehan, President, and Audrey Dehan MacRae, Vice President, we continue to manage and grow a successful family business that today employs over 80 staff and has clients around the globe.

It’s clear Maestro stands out as a company and brand. From a product standpoint, though, what makes Maestro stand out in the market?

Maestro stands out in the hospitality industry because of its advanced technology, integrated suite of Hospitality products, and personalized all-inclusive service that puts the needs of its users first. The Maestro multi-module single-image database platform lets users share data across a property or an entire chain to generate revenue, streamline operations and centralize management control. Maestro is also focused on providing their clients complete autonomy in their choice of deployment without compromising current and innovative technology. Maestro offers a modern and sophisticated web browser based solution, with flexibility to host on premise, self host, deploy in a private cloud or delivered fully cloud hosted by Maestro, complete with maintenance and back up management. Our focus is to provide a customized and scalable solution as well as solve the challenges faced by our clients in meeting their needs and the needs of their guests, all backed by unparalleled service.

Is there one thing that Maestro is really known for doing better than anyone else?

Maestro works exceptionally well in a multi-property and multi-module integrated environment, leveraging the tools available directly within the Maestro ecosystem, but we also support best of breed implementations that rely on the hundreds of interfaces supported by Maestro. So, although we offer a fully integrated solution that encompasses the major operational departments in hotels and resorts, we also “play well with others”, offering many advanced and extensive interfaces as well as a powerful API that has been adopted by over 600 third-party vendor partners.

Maestro is uniquely positioned to provide a cohesive integrated solution including PMS, Sales and Catering, Spa & Activities, Condo Owner & Timeshare, Membership Management and Loyalty, with CRM weaved throughout the system, ALL built organically and consistently by the Maestro team. Our open approach affords our customers unprecedented power and flexibility in choosing the solution that will best satisfy their needs, including mobile and contactless tools to stay competitive, safe and secure.

With such a deep history, are there any milestones or moments or clients along Maestro’s journey that you’re especially proud of?

We enjoy some very long-term relationships with an exceptional client base, many of whom have been clients for over 20 years. Many of our forward-thinking and innovative clients embark on their own proprietary development work to integrate to our core solutions using our API’s to produce their own custom guest experience. Some notable multi-property client groups that have taken this path and have had a long tenure with us are Deer Valley Resorts, Pursuit Collection, Sunseeker Resort, Sandman Properties, and Warner Leisure Resorts.

Some companies can struggle to innovate the longer they’ve been around, but Maestro has clearly found a way to keep the innovations coming. What’s next? Anything new or exciting coming up?

We continue to innovate on all fronts and in response to our clients and market demands. Our complete end-to-end mobile check-in experience is an exciting option for those groups that would like to have guests forego the front desk altogether, and we also offer an a la carte approach to create a customized guest experience that is a blend of contactless and high touch services.

We are also launching a tablet version of the Maestro PMS multi-module solution, geared towards front-line users with a virtually ‘not training required’ concept, this version can be combined with the Web Version in a tandem deployment to give all teams the choice of their access point to Maestro.

All of these solutions are available to be deployed cloud-hosted with full services from us or hosted in the client’s choice of on premise, private cloud or self-hosted environment, giving our clients ultimate freedom and autonomy to have a cloud and web-based solution in their preferred environment.

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