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News Learn to Love the ‘Current Due to Inntopia’ Report

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 Feb 17, 2021

With each new year, we like to take the opportunity to offer a reminder on how to run, read, and manage your Current Due to Inntopia payables report. Although our amazing Accounting Team sends an invoice each month, it’s a good habit and best practice to reference the report on a regular basis to keep track of what you will owe at the end of the month.

What is this report?

The Current Due to Inntopia is a report and payment processing tool available in your Inntopia CRS. It reflects the outstanding payables due to Inntopia, allows you to process or hold payments, and lets you review related processing fees for specific itineraries.

Why is this report useful?

The Current Due to Inntopia is available via Inntopia CRS so that you and your accounting team can review and track your upcoming month’s end payables at your convenience. Processing payments through the report generates voucher numbers that you can submit to Inntopia with your payment and then keep for your records for future reference.

Things to consider when using this report:

  • Itineraries appear on the report on their scheduled arrival or fulfillment date.
  • Inntopia does not charge processing fees for cancelled items.
  • Payables are due to Inntopia on the first of each month for the previous month’s transactions.
  • Voucher numbers are important to include on your check each month so the Inntopia Accounting Team can reference the correct voucher you are paying.

If you have specific questions on how to run or read the report or process payments, visit Inntopia Help or contact Inntopia Support. For specific accounting questions, please contact the Inntopia Accounting Team.

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