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Southeast Destinations Continue Record-Breaking Booking Pace

After last month’s record-breaking performance, lodging properties in resort destinations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina continued to build on that impressive record over the last 30 days as the Southeast region rapidly reopened during June. According to the most recent monthly Market Briefing released by DestiMetrics* yesterday, after a record-breaking surge in summer bookings during May, June bookings slowed down slightly but still maintained …

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Short-Lead Bookings and Declining Rates Across Western Mountain Destinations

For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, lodging properties at western mountain destinations are finally seeing an appreciable uptick in bookings and occupancy for the summer months although results continue to hover well below previous years. In DestiMetrics* monthly Market Briefing released by Inntopia yesterday, aggregated summer occupancy is beginning to rebound at the 290 participating property management companies as cautious visitors …

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Summer Occupancy At Western Mountain Destinations Edging Up Slightly

As stay-at-home restrictions ease, lodging properties throughout the western mountain region are gradually opening up more capacity as allowed by their local jurisdictions and as demand for a mountain getaway ticks up slightly. According to DestiMetrics* in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia released last week, aggregated summer occupancy is still limping along among the 290 participating property management companies, and remains significantly down as …

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Pent-Up Demand Drives Record Booking Pace At Southeast Destinations

After three months of minimal activity, lodging properties around the Southeast region are rebounding in a big way as destination visitors set a record for summer bookings during the month of May.  DestiMetrics, a division of Inntopia, released their monthly briefing last week with an update on aggregated bookings, occupancy, and rate among five resort destinations in three states.* The briefing includes data through May …

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Early Summer Months Looking Grim for Southeast Destinations

Denver, Colo., May 18, 2020—Approximately two months after destination resorts scattered throughout the Southeast were expected to launch their all-important summer season, widespread uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic have brought destination visits to participating resorts to an almost virtual halt. According to the Monthly Market Briefing released last by DestiMetrics and Inntopia, occupancy, rates, and revenue are being battered by the health and economic …

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Solid Winter Ski Season Ends with a Thud at Western Mountain Resorts

Hopes for a “normal” summer are 120 days out of reach

Denver, Colo., May 15, 2020—Just six weeks after the winter season was abruptly ended on March 15 in the wake of complete ski resort closures mandated by the Covid-19 pandemic, mountain destinations “officially” ended the 2019-20 ski season at the end of April. As mountain towns emptied out quickly, lodging properties in six western …

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Snowfall Nudges Winter Occupancy Up While Revenue Holds Steady at Mountain Destinations

(Covid-19 started having an impact)

Denver, Colo., March 13, 2020—Timely snow at many western mountain destinations helped nudge aggregated occupancy figures into positive territory after several months of decline while rate and revenues remained steady. The most recent aggregated data from nearly 300 lodging properties throughout six western states was released by DestiMetrics* in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia with data that includes figures …

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Summer Off to a Good Start; Winter Finishes Slightly Ahead of Last Year

BRADENTON, Fla., March. 12, 2020—It was a battle to the finish line, but aggregated data for lodging properties in three southeastern states wrapped up the winter season essentially flat but with a slight uptick in revenues despite a fairly rugged start to the winter season and the challenges of the final week of February. The season-long summary was released yesterday by DestiMetrics,* in their monthly …

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Southeast Lodging Properties Really Pick Up the Pace During January

BRADENTON, Fla., Feb. 19, 2020—After struggling virtually the entire winter to recover from a very sluggish start to the winter season, aggregated data for lodging properties in three southeastern states reveals that the region has finally moved into positive territory for the first time this winter. DestiMetrics,* in their monthly Market Briefing released last week by Inntopia, reported that a strong booking pace during …

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Occupancy Keeps Softening at Mountain Destinations Despite Excellent Slope Conditions

Denver, Colo., Feb. 18, 2020—As abundant snowfall has continued to blanket most western mountain resorts and deliver a second consecutive year of excellent slope conditions, a curious dichotomy has evolved. Despite the widely-reported exceptional skiing and riding, and very robust economic indicators, aggregated data from 18 western mountain communities is showing that lodging occupancy is actually slipping in year-over-year comparisons. The ongoing trend was …

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Rates Keep Rising at Western Mountain Resorts, Occupancy Continues to Soften

Denver, Colo., Jan. 15, 2020—Generous snowfall and good slope conditions throughout most of the U.S. western resorts along with less than ideal conditions in other regions is helping to buoy lodging rates even as occupancy figures continue to slip. Once again, DestiMetrics* is reporting in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia that the trend for rising rates is continuing, despite some consumer push-back and …

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Slight Cooling in Occupancy for Southeast Lodging Properties During December

Comparisons to two years ago shows impressive revenue growth

BRADENTON, Fla., Jan. 15, 2020—In the monthly Market Briefings prepared and distributed by the DestiMetrics* division of Vermont-based Inntopia, year-over-year comparisons for each month of the previous year are provided in three categories: occupancy, daily rate, and revenue. The report contains aggregated analysis for participating lodging properties from nine Southeast resort destinations in five states …

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Western Mountain Destinations Report Uptick in Revenue Despite Declines in Occupancy and Softening Rates

Denver, Colo., Dec. 13, 2019—As 18 western mountain destinations spread over six states assess the status of the 2019-20 winter season, a decline in occupancy and softening of daily rates are continuing a gradual trend that has been emerging for more than a year. In the most recent analysis released by DestiMetrics* in their monthly Market Briefing from Inntopia, consumer rate resistance is pushing back …

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Southeast Lodging Properties Post Slight Improvement for the Winter

DENVER, Colo., Dec. 12, 2019—At the halfway mark of the Southeast region’s winter season that stretches from September through February, a robust increase in bookings made during November point to stronger results for the second half of the season. According to the DestiMetrics* Market Briefing by Inntopia, the resurgence in occupancy for the final three months of the winter will help offset the negative impact …

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Final Summer Lodging Results at Western Mountain Destinations are Mixed; Winter Holding Steady

Denver, Colo., Nov. 14, 2019—The six-month summer season that tracks from May through October for mountain destinations, finished with lackluster results and the softest aggregated summer occupancy figures in a decade. Modest gains in the Average Daily Rate (ADR) did boost overall summer revenues though, according to the DestiMetrics’* Market Briefing released yesterday by Inntopia. All results are based on data collected through Oct. 31 …

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Southeast Resort Destination See Softer Winter Bookings; Hurricane Michael Still Impacting Numbers

BRADENTON, Fla., Nov. 14, 2019—Destination properties throughout the Southeast started the winter season (September through March) at a sluggish pace that slowed further during October and is tracking well below last year. However, a turnaround is on-the-books for November and the last three months of the winter season are showing a notable uptick. The continued decline in occupancy in the first two months of …

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Winter Showing Signs of Rebound in Southeast Resort Destinations; Still Lagging Behind Last Year


DENVER, COLO., Oct. 22, 2019—September’s booking pace improved overall performance at participating Southeast properties for the winter season, but having started the season in negative territory at the beginning of the season, there is still some ground to recover. The notable shift in lodging patterns was reported yesterday in the DestiMetrics Market Briefing by Inntopia, a report that encompasses nine Southeast destinations in five …

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Western Mountain Destinations Have Mixed and Modest Summer Gains; Winter Currently Following That Pattern

Denver, Colo., Oct. 22, 2019—Strong bookings made during the month of September helped boost the overall outlook for the summer season and upcoming winter months. In the most recent DestiMetrics* Market Briefing released by Inntopia with data collected and compiled through Sept. 30, aggregated occupancy for the month of September was up a slight 0.8 percent compared to last September, but when coupled with the …

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Summer Results Outpace Economy in Southeast: Winter Off to Slow Start

DENVER, COLO., Sept. 23, 2019— As expected, Southeast lodging properties in five southern states wrapped up the summer season in August with aggregated increases in both occupancy and revenues. However, the healthy pattern that prevailed throughout the summer months cooled off significantly for the first months of the upcoming winter season. The notable shift in lodging patterns was released Friday in DestiMetrics* Market Briefing by …

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Summer Patterns at Mountain Destinations Remain Essentially Unchanged Through August

Denver, Colo., Sept. 16, 2019—The peak months for summer visitors in mountain destinations wrapped up in August with little change in either year-over-year occupancy or revenues. Results for September and October are still pending but bookings for the fall and early winter months were cooling down as of Aug. 31 according to the most recent DestiMetrics’* Market Briefing released by Inntopia. The trend of slipping …

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