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Five Minute Inspection: Contact Info

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Contact Info,  Email,  and Phone numbers


When someone has a question or needs more information, how do they contact you? Periodically verifying your phone numbers, email addresses, and contact name is an easy best practice to follow. The Toll-Free phone number appears on your eComm page. The contact name lets Inntopia know who their main point of contact …

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Five-Minute Inspection: User Access

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: User Access

Data security is as important as ever. It’s not just about keeping your guests’ information secure, but also about who can access it.

When a staff member leaves, do you remember to deactivate their access to Inntopia?

Have any of your current users changed positions internally? Do they have the appropriate privileges for their new role?…

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Five-Minute Inspection: Amenities

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Amenities

Did your property recently add non-smoking rooms? Did you install a hot tub or add a game room? Do you now have around-the-clock front-desk coverage?

Do these questions have you thinking about recent improvements made to your property? Whether or not you answered yes, it’s always good practice to regularly review and update your property amenities.

When …

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Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection

Five minutes, that’s all it takes. A trip to refill your cup of coffee probably takes longer than that! You may have noticed the Five-Minute Inspection emails over the last few days and hopefully you have taken some time to review.

We started this new series to offer reminders to do a quick check, or inspection, if you will, on different areas of the Inntopia …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Taxes

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Taxes

Tax rates change often and it is your responsibility to make sure you’re collecting the right amount from your guests. Since taxes can be configured in a couple of different places in your Inntopia System, it’s important to double-check them regularly.

Pro tip: Pretend you are a guest and add a variety of products to a …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Policies

We’re starting a new System Inspection series aimed at helping you to take a quick look at the different areas of your system configuration that you may not have considered in a while. Take just five minutes to improve the booking experience for both your staff and your guests.

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Policies

When was the last time you reviewed your …

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It’s Time to Enroll at Innovative U!

Are you enrolled at Innovative U? Innovative U is Inntopia’s online learning platform and is available to all partners and suppliers who want to learn more about Inntopia’s product suite. Whether you need to brush-up on a specific area or learn about a new feature, Innovative U is your one-stop shop for training videos. When you have new staff to train or returning staff …

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New Innovative U Course: Inntopia-SMS Integration

Are you an Inntopia Commerce partner who is also using Springer-Miller Systems? If yes, are your platforms integrated? Integrating Inntopia Commerce with SMS will improve your efficiency and increase revenue.

This short video series (13 min.) will give you an overview of what to expect with the integration, what configuration is required for both platforms, and what some of the supported features are.

You’ll find …

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Commerce Quick Tip: CRS Promotions and Bundles

Inntopia CRS has been enhanced to provide access to the same interface used to create Promotions (packages) and Product Bundles in Inntopia RMS.

Users with Products/Packages privileges can link directly to those screens from the newly-added Promotions and Product Bundles tabs in Inntopia CRS (without having to login to Inntopia RMS). With this change, the CRS Package Admin tab and screens are no longer accessible.…

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Why Hotels and Resorts Should Probably Run “Prime Day” Promotions

Guess what? This July 15 – 16, your guests are going to be primed to make a purchase. Yes, it’s a bit corny, but it’s true.

In just over two weeks, there’s an online shopping bonanza coming called Amazon Prime Day. Except this year, it’s actually two days. Your guests and prospects will likely have their wallets out, ready to pounce on a deal on …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Who Needs a Mountain Bike Lift Ticket?

Do you sell mountain biking lift tickets? A new product category labeled “Mountain Bike Lift Tickets” has been added to the Lift Tickets super category (supercategoryID=9). This provides you an other option within the YieldView calendar to sell tickets.

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Know Exactly When School Breaks Are Happening

As you are well aware, it’s important to know exactly when school breaks are scheduled. This information is important to help you prepare your operation for increased demand and visitation.

Our 2019-2020 School Break Report, produced in partnership with STR, provides all the information you need to know to maximize these peak demand periods. We do the research, which lets you focus on planning, pricing, …

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Commerce Quick Tip: How about an Afternoon Ski or Ride?

Do you sell afternoon lift tickets? A new product category labeled “Afternoon Lift Tickets” has been added to the Lift Tickets super category (supercategoryID=9). This provides you an other option within the YieldView calendar to sell tickets.

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Planning to Publish Rates through a Distribution Partner?

We just released a new Innovative U course: Publishing Rates via a Distribution Partner. This quick course will explain the steps needed to prepare your system for an integration with one of our certified Distribution Partners.

You will learn what commerce distribution is, what is supported through the API, and some common terminology. We’ll also walk you through what you need to do if you …

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Commerce Quick Tip: What Does a Light Blue Itinerary Mean?

Within the itinerary search results, you will now see itineraries highlighted in light blue. This represents itineraries that have a departure date in the past. This feature is currently only available in the search results list.

Light blue now joins all of the other itinerary status colors.

 All itinerary items cancelled

 Pending itinerary that needs an agent’s attention

 Reserved itinerary with an arrival date in …

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New Feature: CRS Login Screen

When you click on your bookmark to access the CRS, you’ll notice something. The login screen has a new look and feel! As part of the rolling release of our next generation CRS, the login and sales channel selection screens have been updated.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will be prompted to select a sales channel. Here you will find two new helpful features:…

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New Feature: RMS Product History

When you log in to Inntopia RMS, you’ll find a new feature on the Products page: Show Edit History. This enhancement was requested by our partners and we’re pleased to include it in our most recent deployment. Let’s look at how this feature will help you save time while managing products.

New Indicators

To help you find the last product you viewed or modified during …

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Password Reset Tips Password Reset Tips Password Reset Tips

Passwords…we all have dozens, and it can be challenging to keep track of them all. If you need to reset your Inntopia RMS or CRS password, follow these quick tips.

Know Your User ID

When you click the password reset link, be sure to enter your user ID when prompted, not your email address. The email address associated with the user account will then …

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Commerce Quick Tip: View the Promotion Invitation Details First

If you’ve been invited to join a promotion from a reseller, it’s important to know what the promotion is for. By clicking on the name of the promotion, you can see more details about it, including the description, dates available, booking dates, child age requirements, length of stay requirements, and any blackout intervals.

Once you’ve learned more about the promotion, you can then chose to …

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Commerce Quick Tip: Advanced Booking Requirement

If you want to prevent a guest from booking a promotion online today for an arrival of today, set the Min field of the Advance Booking Requirement to 1.

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