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Tips Upcoming Changes to Visa® Bank Identification Numbers

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 Sep 30, 2021

Visa is adopting an eight-digit Bank Identification Number (BIN) in compliance with the new International Organization for Standardization standard (ISO/IEC 7812-1). Traditionally, the first six digits have been reserved for the BIN, which identifies the card-issuing bank and is key to matching transactions to the issuer.

The change from six- to eight-digit BIN is due to significant growth within the payment industry. Visa has set a deadline of April 2022 for all acquirers and processors to make the appropriate accommodation for the change. Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) and tokens will remain the same at 16 digits.

Inntopia’s Security and Compliance team has reviewed Visa’s specification and determined that no action is needed by Inntopia.

Inntopia does recommend, however, that you contact other third-party vendors with whom you have a relationship, specifically payment gateway providers, to confirm they are prepared for these changes.

For more information about the changes, review the Visa Preparing for the Eight-Digit BIN: Frequently Asked Questions document.

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