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Tips New Inntopia Commerce Feature: Copy Promotions

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 Jan 26, 2021

Have you been looking to save time by copying a previously used promotion? Well, Inntopia is happy to announce that you are in luck! A new feature has been added to Inntopia RMS and Inntopia CRS that lets you copy the details of promotions you want to reuse.

The process is simple: Locate the original promotion you want to copy. Determine if you want to copy the sales channels, deposit schedules, cancellation fees, and the component suppliers (all or individual suppliers). You can also specify whether a promo code is required to book and how you want to name the new promotion.

When the new promotion is added, it is made inactive by default so it’s not immediately available for guests to book. This gives you time to make any additional updates to the new promotion. Inntopia recommends reviewing all of the new promotion’s settings before changing its available dates.

If you copied a promotion that lets the supplier set the discount for the promotion, the supplier will receive an invitation asking them to participate once the promotion becomes available.

The ability to copy promotions makes the entire process of promotion building more efficient and less time-consuming. Not only can you simply replicate a single promotion to use again with new dates, but you can also use this feature to create multiple similar promotions. Once you create a new, copied promotion, it is very easy to update the minor differences, such as the description, minimum night stay, or discount amount, rather than building multiple new promotions from scratch.

We hope you’re as excited about this feature as we are. It was one of the top three submissions in the Ideas Portal, so thank you for voting. For more information, review our Inntopia Help topic.

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