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Introducing the Inntopia Training Center

Are you retraining for reopening? We can help.

Over the years, Inntopia staff has created a plethora of informational content in a variety of mediums: online learning videos, online documentation, blogs, tips, and webinars. However, each type of content lived in a different place making it a challenge to disseminate this useful information to its intended audience.

Our solution to this problem? The Inntopia Training …

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Alternative Approaches to Season Pass Sales

Are you considering a different approach this year for next year’s season pass sales? Given the abrupt ending to the 2019/20 season and the economic uncertainty for many, it may be worth offering alternative or even multiple payment options for your passholders. If you do, contact Inntopia Partner Services to determine whether you need to use multiple sales channels for your offerings. These options work …

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Idea: How to throw a (virtual) end-of-season party.

The spread of COVID-19 has left millions of people with no place to go or, on the west coast, stuck inside under direct order.

Yet the content being produced by people at home in self-quarantine has been amazing. The TP Memes, community fundraisers, online happy hours, and live streaming videos from musicians demonstrates just how embedded social media has become in our daily lives as …

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COVID-19: Managing Customer’s Booking Inquiries

We know that as lodging and activity suppliers, resellers, and tour operators, you are receiving a high number of inquiries from guests about their bookings. Here are a few things the Inntopia Commerce system offers to help manage your guest’s requests and concerns regarding COVID-19.

Policy Updates

If you have not already, it may be prudent to review and update your cancellation policies and deposit

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COVID-19: Four Tips to Properly Communicate With Your Guests

We know that this is a very challenging time and our first priority is the health and well-being of everyone.

To help your team through this uncharted territory, whether in your messaging or day-to-day operations, our Partner Services team created this list of tips:

Carefully Consider Resort Updates

  • Don’t sent blasts to the whole database
  • Only send updates to pass holders, recent guests, or guests
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Five-Minute Inspection: Publishing Promotions

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Publishing Promotions

Five minutes is all it takes to ensure your recycled, reused, or revamped promotions are publishing properly for the current season.

If reusing a promotion, you should review to which sales channels the promotion has been published. Is it being offered to the correct distribution partners? Are you publishing it to your sales channels (if …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Products

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Products

Five minutes is all it takes to ensure the products within your recycled, reused, or revamped promotions are accurate for the current season.

When reusing previous promotions, it is a good idea to double-check that the products included are accurate for this season. Do the products need to be updated with inventory or restrictions? Do …

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Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection

Five minutes, that’s all it takes. A trip to refill your cup of coffee probably takes longer than that! You may have noticed the Five-Minute Inspection emails over the last few days and hopefully you have taken some time to review.

We started this new series to offer reminders to do a quick check, or inspection, if you will, on different areas of the Inntopia …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Dates

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Promotion Dates

Five minutes is all it takes to ensure the dates on your recycled, reused, or revamped promotions are accurate for the current season.

If you have promotions that you run year-over-year, then it makes sense to reuse the same promotions from last year; however, you should double-check your dates so they reflect the life of …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Fees

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Fees


It’s not uncommon to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to fees associated with a product. They are usually configured when products are created so there’s a good chance you haven’t revisited your fees lately. Have they gone up? Are they now taxable? Do you need to charge for something new such as parking or …

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Five Minute Inspection: Contact Info

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Contact Info,  Email,  and Phone numbers


When someone has a question or needs more information, how do they contact you? Periodically verifying your phone numbers, email addresses, and contact name is an easy best practice to follow. The Toll-Free phone number appears on your eComm page. The contact name lets Inntopia know who their main point of contact …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Photos

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Photos


Photos are one of the most important parts of your eCommerce site. They show the guest what to expect. When was the last time you updated your photos? Perhaps it’s a good time to go to your site and have a look around. What is your guest’s visual experience like? Based on the photos you see, would …

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Five-Minute Inspection: User Access

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: User Access

Data security is as important as ever. It’s not just about keeping your guests’ information secure, but also about who can access it.

When a staff member leaves, do you remember to deactivate their access to Inntopia?

Have any of your current users changed positions internally? Do they have the appropriate privileges for their new role?…

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Five-Minute Inspection: Amenities

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Amenities

Did your property recently add non-smoking rooms? Did you install a hot tub or add a game room? Do you now have around-the-clock front-desk coverage?

Do these questions have you thinking about recent improvements made to your property? Whether or not you answered yes, it’s always good practice to regularly review and update your property amenities.

When …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Taxes

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Taxes

Tax rates change often and it is your responsibility to make sure you’re collecting the right amount from your guests. Since taxes can be configured in a couple of different places in your Inntopia System, it’s important to double-check them regularly.

Pro tip: Pretend you are a guest and add a variety of products to a …

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Five-Minute Inspection: Policies

We’re starting a new System Inspection series aimed at helping you to take a quick look at the different areas of your system configuration that you may not have considered in a while. Take just five minutes to improve the booking experience for both your staff and your guests.

Give Your System a Five-Minute Inspection: Policies

When was the last time you reviewed your …

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Commerce Pre-Season Checklist – Winter 2019

We’ve all heard the saying that “by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” That’s easier said than done, especially as you may be turning over your seasonal staff and working to finalize your winter promotions. With that in mind, we’ve put together a pre-season planning checklist to ensure your resort or organization is prepared to sell to guests the moment those first snowflakes fall.

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It’s Time to Enroll at Innovative U!

Are you enrolled at Innovative U? Innovative U is Inntopia’s online learning platform and is available to all partners and suppliers who want to learn more about Inntopia’s product suite. Whether you need to brush-up on a specific area or learn about a new feature, Innovative U is your one-stop shop for training videos. When you have new staff to train or returning staff …

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Three Must-Do Tips for Pushing Season Pass Sales

While it’s the peak of summer season now for most of partners, many are thinking about the upcoming winter season, and are busily prepping for the launch of their new Season Pass products. Are you?

Whether you already had a spring pass sale launch, are still finalizing a new season pass lineup for next year, or if you’re deep in planning mode for a launch …

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New Innovative U Course: Inntopia-SMS Integration

Are you an Inntopia Commerce partner who is also using Springer-Miller Systems? If yes, are your platforms integrated? Integrating Inntopia Commerce with SMS will improve your efficiency and increase revenue.

This short video series (13 min.) will give you an overview of what to expect with the integration, what configuration is required for both platforms, and what some of the supported features are.

You’ll find …

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