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Tips Five quick Black Friday / Cyber Monday tips for hotels and resorts.

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 Oct 27, 2022

Despite starting as one-day, retail-focused marketing holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have expanded to create an annual opportunity for resorts and hotels to drive revenue. But it doesn’t have to just be about filling rooms. In this short, five-minute video we go over five things to remember and consider as you build your strategy for Black Friday.

Our SVP of Analytics, Tom Foley, was also discussing this same topic recently and had this to say:

“There’s a lot of consumer spending to be done in the next eight weeks, and it’s not all for gift-giving. Inflation this year means a significant number of consumers have been deferring purchases for themselves until the cyber ‘events’ before the holidays. That means that travel providers are competing against holiday shopping AND deferred necessities this year. The result? Greater strain on already pressured discretionary dollars. Travel partners should be looking to get bargain messaging out there now, ahead of those increasingly ambiguous cyber ‘events’ (which have really already started), to secure as much travel early in the holiday shopping season as possible.”

Whatever you decide, now is the time to make the call because BFCM marketing volume is already starting to ramp up.

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