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Why Doesn’t My Promotion Display Properly Online?

Promotions are the name of the game. Inntopia promotions provide a multitude of creative options for enticing guests to book. With so many configuration settings available, it can be easy to overlook something that makes the promotion display incorrectly. (In our next post, we’ll  troubleshoot a promotion that isn’t calculating correctly.)

Let’s go over some simple things to check to make sure your promotion is …

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Agentopia: Introducing the Comparison Tool

Do your agents build quotes with multiple itineraries? Wouldn’t it be great if they could easily build and compare those itineraries side-by-side? Well, wait no more. The Comparison Tool has arrived.

If your agents use Agentopia, this tool is already at their fingertips. To begin, the agent adds a product to an itinerary and creates a new itinerary quote. As the guest expresses interest in …

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Why Isn’t My Product Bundle Working?

You’ve got a great idea for a bundle. You’ve set it up but it doesn’t seem to be displaying properly. What went wrong?

First, let’s discuss what a bundle is and isn’t. A bundle links two or more products together which can add value to customer purchases. By pairing a product with other products or by upselling customers on additional optional products, you can offer …

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Five Benefits to Using Inntopia CRS + Responsive Commerce

Are you an existing Inntopia partner currently using Inntopia’s Responsive Commerce platform on your website but still using your POS in the call center?

Are you using Inntopia CRS but haven’t yet started using Inntopia’s Responsive Commerce booking engine on your website?

Are you a long-time CRS partner but are still using the V9 booking engine for online bookings?

It’s a new year and it’s

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Innteract – Understanding Severity Levels

So, you’ve just uncovered a software issue and want to submit a case. You’re entering the case within Innteract and you get to the Severity field. There are four choices listed: Critical, High, Medium, and Low. It can be difficult to know which level to choose. And, to further complicate your decision, each vendor you work with likely has a slightly different set of qualifications …

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Five Easy Ways to Turn Lookers into Bookers

When is the last time that you have updated or even looked at the photos you’ve uploaded onto your booking sites? Do you even know? You may not have revisited your site since you first went live with Inntopia.

Perhaps it’s a good time to go to your site and have a look around. What is your guest’s visual experience like? What is their visual …

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A better way.

Inntopia gives resorts, attractions, and hospitality providers a better way to market and sell their products.

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