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Revelstoke Mountain Resort Goes Live on Inntopia Commerce

We are very excited to announce that Revelstoke Mountain Resort just went live on Inntopia Commerce! Revelstoke is one of the newest resorts in North America and famous for amazing snow and a vertical drop of more than 5,600 feet.

Revelstoke will be using Inntopia’s one-cart Commerce platform to sell:

  • Ski lift tickets
  • Bike park tickets
  • Resort lodging

An Inntopia Marketing Cloud user since …

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Webinar Recap: Yield Management in the Era of COVID-19

Miss our recent webinar about yield management tips for the 2020/21 season? We’ve got you covered. Either watch the recording or glance over a quick summary below.


We started with some quick Q&A with our guest panelist and yield management partner, Scott Guyette of Specific Gravity.

Q: When you look at the 2020/21 season, what are you seeing when it comes to …

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Five Campaigns Golf Resorts Can Use to Capitalize on Drive Markets

As the impacts of COVID-19 have evolved, the National Golf Foundation has done a fantastic job of keeping tabs on the trends and impacts within the golf industry. Their July 15, 2020 update was no exception.

“While equipment sales and play have been staging a strong comeback, the same can’t be said for golf travel. NGF consumer research is signaling that overall trip volume could

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With limited capacity in 2020/21, should we prioritize loyalty?

As the summer progresses, I want to explore some less mainstream ideas around product or marketing strategy that could be helpful in 2020/21.

Today, I think we should take a closer look at two charts that keep coming to mind over and over again.

I first shared these chart a few years ago, but the data and behaviors are deeply ingrained in humans and won’t …

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Why email performance benchmarking is such a big deal for resorts.

With out new Email Performance Benchmarking Dashboard now being used by many of our clients, I followed up with Kurt Kinscherf, Inntopia’s Director of Customer Insights, to see how it’s going and why we’re so excited to release this tool.

Gregg: Let’s talk about benchmarking for a minute, Kurt. What is that one thing about benchmarking that gets your inner-nerd so excited?


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Contactless? Personal? Easy? When it comes to avoiding the window, don’t forget the OG.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in SAM‘s every other week Huddle. This round was about a lot of things but the focus was on giving folks a contactless way to buy their tickets. My role was to round everything up and give us a nice summary or conclusion at the end.

As I listened to each panelist and took notes, I …

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Four key questions to answer if you’re considering ticket lotteries.

When a handful of ski resorts reopened for a brief end-of-season hurrah, lotteries were something that quickly became a thing in the ski industry. Why? There are a few reasons. Lotteries are a simple way to soften the burden on your ecommerce store. They also make things more fair for folks with different work schedules or internet connections.

As we’ve helped clients work through their …

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Introducing: Email Performance Benchmarking powered by Microsoft Power BI

We have an amazing group of resorts using our Marketing Cloud platform. What many people don’t realize, however, is just how diverse this group is. Big vs small, east vs west, US vs international, ski vs golf, lodging vs just activities, our clients cover the full range of hospitality and recreation.

Now, if you’re a data-nut like me you can probably see the opportunity. Yep, …

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Three reasons resorts and hotels are choosing Inntopia in 2020.

Over the years, the main problems we solve for our customers remain largely the same. Commerce lets folks sell all their products in one transaction. Marketing Cloud helps centralize data for smarter marketing. DestiMetrics gives destinations an unprecedented view of performance.

But the reasons why people choose us? Or why they choose us over alternatives? Those tend to fluctuate year to year. This year? There …

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YieldView is the Ideal Platform for Selling Lift Tickets in 2020

For a lot of years in a lot of ways, we’ve been saying the same thing:

“Inntopia Commerce is a really, really flexible platform.”

The resorts familiar with the platform know how true this is and in this year, with all its ups and downs and twists and turns, that flexibility has shown itself over and over again.

For example, when Goggles for Docs needed …

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A simple, data-driven approach to abandoned golf vacation quotes.

At our recent online user group, Sophie Sunderland, one of our all-star account managers, walked through a simple approach to getting potential guests to complete their booking. Instead of addressing the traditional place marketers focus on with this strategy – abandoned carts – Sophie dug into the folks who talk to a call center agent but don’t end up purchasing.

This is a massive opportunity …

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Volunteer Group of Destination Travel Research Specialists – Insights Collective – Joining Forces to Assist Destination Travel with Transition to “Next Normal”

Resources and advice being offered free of charge to help with tourism recovery,

Winter Park, Colo., June 11, 2020 — Driven by a collective concern about how the tourism industry can most effectively start recovering from the devastation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of seven Colorado-based tourism veterans with decades of experience are joining forces to ‘give back’ to the industry they …

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Capacity vs Demand: Five Steps to Keep Lift Ticket Sales from Crashing Your eCommerce Store

COVID-related capacity restrictions at ski resorts are new to all of us. So are the massive spikes in demand that accompany a resort letting a large number of people vie for a limited number of tickets. So far, most resorts are having significant issues with their ecommerce stores crashing under the load. The result is thousands of frustrated guests and a wave of negative PR.…

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Three Unique Pass Products Golf Resorts are Rolling Out This Summer

One of the themes we’ve been discussing lately is simply this:

When the market changes, so must our products.

This is especially true for golf where nearly all courses are now open. But open with limited capacity.

Boyne Monthly Passes

First up are these monthly passes from Boyne. Timing is a question on everyone’s minds. Will there be a spike in COVID-19 cases? Will things …

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How do you inspire skiers to come in summer? With videos like these.

Right now ski resorts across across the country are trying to juggle a bunch of priorities. But one of them is getting folks to pay them a visit this summer.

While there are some aspects of those marketing messages that will absolutely be unique to COVID concerns, there is one aspect that won’t be changing: the mountain and activity that would inspire folks to consider …

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Mountain Collective Goes Live on Inntopia Commerce

We are extremely excited to welcome Mountain Collective to the Inntopia Commerce platform. An Inntopia Marketing Cloud customer since the initial launch of the pass in 2012, Mountain Collective features more more than 20 world-class destinations and is arguably the most successful pass partnership program in the history of the industry.

Passes are now available at the link below:

screenshot of mountain collective ecommerce storefront

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Inntopia launches integration with IQware property management system.

We are extremely excited to announce that Inntopia Commerce is now officially integrated with IQware!

This integration gives resorts and hotels the best of both worlds: a renowned property management system with IQware and the ability to sell those rooms along side their other products and activities with Inntopia’s one-cart booking engine.

The IQware solutions, similar to Inntopia Commerce, can be used either in …

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Six ways golf resorts are catering to their local markets during Covid-19.

Destination travel is still extremely low even as golf courses reopen. The result? An increased focus on local markets.

Like all constraints, the need to skew your visitors towards locals is driving some impressive creativity, smart ideas, and effective marketing. Here are a few things resorts are doing that caught our attention.

Frequency Products

Products and offers designed for golfers who are able to stop …

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A Much Different Kind of Storm Derails Winter at Western Mountain Destinations

Denver, Colo., April 17, 2020—What was looking like a strong finish to the winter season at destination mountain resorts in mid-February has become a dramatically different picture since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the United States and the entire globe in the past weeks. The complete shutdown of nearly every ski resort at the height of the spring break crowds has left resorts, lodging properties, and …

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Optimistic Start to Summer for Southeast Destinations Completely Reversed

BRADENTON, Fla., April 17, 2020—In less than 30 days, the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the entire U.S. and the world and left five destination resorts in three Southeast states with a completely reversed scenario for the coming summer months. In the most recent Monthly Market Briefing released yesterday by DestiMetrics and Inntopia, dramatic declines were reported for bookings and revenues for the full summer season …

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