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Inntopia launches integration with IQware property management system.

We are extremely excited to announce that Inntopia Commerce is now officially integrated with IQware!

This integration gives resorts and hotels the best of both worlds: a reknowned property management system with IQware and the ability to sell those rooms along side their other products and activities with Inntopia’s one-cart booking engine.

The IQware solutions, similar to Inntopia Commerce, can be used either in …

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Six ways golf resorts are catering to their local markets during Covid-19.

Destination travel is still extremely low even as golf courses reopen. The result? An increased focus on local markets.

Like all constraints, the need to skew your visitors towards locals is driving some impressive creativity, smart ideas, and effective marketing. Here are a few things resorts are doing that caught our attention.

Frequency Products

Products and offers designed for golfers who are able to stop …

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A Much Different Kind of Storm Derails Winter at Western Mountain Destinations

Denver, Colo., April 17, 2020—What was looking like a strong finish to the winter season at destination mountain resorts in mid-February has become a dramatically different picture since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the United States and the entire globe in the past weeks. The complete shutdown of nearly every ski resort at the height of the spring break crowds has left resorts, lodging properties, and …

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Optimistic Start to Summer for Southeast Destinations Completely Reversed

BRADENTON, Fla., April 17, 2020—In less than 30 days, the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the entire U.S. and the world and left five destination resorts in three Southeast states with a completely reversed scenario for the coming summer months. In the most recent Monthly Market Briefing released yesterday by DestiMetrics and Inntopia, dramatic declines were reported for bookings and revenues for the full summer season …

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Kitchen Table Recap: Trends and tips for watching COVID-19 recovery milestones.

In last weeks Inntopia Family Kitchen Table conversation, I kicked off the call with a dive into what numbers we are all watching to know how and when to ramp up our marketing. It’s a tough place to be in. Nobody wants to insensitive or say the wrong thing during a tricky time, but we’ve gotta get some revenue in the door ASAP.

So we …

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Inntopia Digital donating 200 hours of marketing work in 2020.

It’s been a sobering few weeks. As resorts and hotels have closed, layoffs have followed. These workers aren’t just faces in a crowd, they’re our friends.

Along the way, we’ve been hearing from GMs and presidents and VPs. They’ve had to make hard decisions with layoffs or reducing hours, but also need to get emails out. Suddenly, they realize they don’t even have login credentials, …

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A Call to Everyone in Travel to Step Up and Volunteer Their Skills

You may not realize it, but your experience has probably given you skills that local clinics and first responders could benefit from.

We’d encourage everyone in travel to get out there and offer their skills. Reach out to local clinics or friends in healthcare. Post an offer to help on social media. Text a few friends. I think you’ll be surprised by how many small, …

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The cost and frequency of travel data breaches is rising.

Two weeks ago we announced that Inntopia had become one of the first travel tech companies to receive ISO 27001 certification. We talked a lot about the reasons behind this effort and the proactive benefits to our clients from doing so. However, we wanted to follow up on a specific aspect of information security that is at the crux of our decision to invest in …

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Want to drive growth? Do what Nordic Valley is doing.

I love Nordic Valley for so many reasons.
  • It’s 7 minutes from my house
  • The furthest you can park from a lift is about 100 yards
  • I never wait in a lift line
  • Season passes for me, Kim, and two kiddos cost a total of $438
  • It’s a super fun mountain with great skiing

It solves so many problems we believe is inhibiting growth in

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New dashboards, improved design, and a new integration in February Marketing Cloud update.

Last month we had a bunch of new features and tools to talk about, and February is no exception.

Here’s the latest from Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

Dashboard Improvements

With so many new dashboards out in the wild for the first time, we also received a bunch of great feedback from our users. So we started the month by cranking out a handful of enhancements …

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Digging into Inntopia’s ISO 27001 certification with our in-house security expert, Njama Braasch.

Last week we announced that Inntopia had achieved ISO 27001 certification. This is a concrete example of our commitment to the security of our customers’ data. But another example of that commitment is sometimes less obvious: the fact that we have a Director of Security and Compliance in the first place. More rare than that should be in tech circles, I sat down with …

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Taos’ latest print ad is a great use of hard-to-decide-on space.

Print ads. It’s amazing how rarely folks agree on the right approach for this expensive, but full-of-potential advertising space.
  • Great photos are a dime a dozen.
  • Great taglines can help.
  • Do you focus on the CTA?
  • Building the brand?
  • Try something totally different?
  • Stick with what sorta works?

One of the hardest parts of marketing can be not moving on to the next shiny object. …

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Inntopia receives ISO 27001 security certification, among first in hospitality.

If there’s anything the last few years have taught the travel industry, it’s that there is definitely “such thing” as bad press. Actual headlines like these – from just the last 18 months alone – are becoming all too common:

Travel Industry Continues to Be Plagued by Data Breaches
Travel Site Breach Impacts 1.4 Million
Exposed Database Left Terabyte of Travelers’ Data Open to Public

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Two key numbers behind Inntopia’s one-cart booking platform.

The idea of one-cart booking makes intuitive sense. We all know from personal experience that if you go to the store for one thing, seeing other things in the store often prompts you to leave with more than you came for.

But what about in travel? And at scale? What does this behavior look like? To answer that question, we’re going to look at two …

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Get to know the new Inntopia Ecommerce design.

As some of you may know, we’ve begun rolling out a new theme for the design of Inntopia’s ecommerce storefronts. This is opt-in – we won’t update your design unless you’d like us to – but we’re seeing some great results as the first A/B tests wrap up.

More updates are coming soon, but we wanted to take a quick second to walk you through …

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No matter where your guests start, Inntopia is there.

A few years ago I was sitting in a conference session when a friendly, but passionate, debate began.

In one corner you had a lift ticket person who was adamant that skiers started the booking process by shopping for lift tickets. A woman who worked in lodging chimed in from the back of the room, “that’s not my what my data show.” Various attendees grunted …

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Enhanced exporting complements new dashboards in January Marketing Cloud update.

We ended 2019 with a lot of momentum, and January saw the teams firing on all cylinders. And that’s not just marketing speak, many of our clients commented that:

“Man, you guys are really jammin’ right now!”

To which we respond: yes…yes they are. Here are a few of our greatest hits from the last handful of weeks.


User Roles
First up is a …

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Stratton’s simple, honest reply to some pretty unlucky conditions


While I had a much-needed break from the grind over the holiday, resorts across the country got really unlucky with the weather and were often on their heels communicating to guests and media.

There were a lot of really great bits of marketing from the last few weeks, but Stratton’s stood out.

Not just because of the way it was written, but because

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Quick Chats with Inntopia’s Coolest Cats: Jesse George

Inntopia is a technology company powered by some of the best, smartest, and coolest people you’ll ever meet. Internally, we get to interact with them every day. You may not have this pleasure, but this series may help you feel like you do.

Jesse George, Frontline Support in Stowe, Vermont

If you’ve ever called Inntopia Partner Services for customer support, chances are you’ve had the …

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The biggest red flag in a travel tech provider? Their service-to-sales ratio.

Let me try to summarize a sentiment I’ve heard over and over again within travel.

“It’s kind of ironic that they had 10 people at the booth when they sold me on their platform, yet now that I need some help I can’t seem to get a single person on the phone.”

What travel professionals across the industry are describing in this sentiment is what …

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