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The top 10 hotel and resort marketing insights of 2015.

Once again we’re wrapping up December with a countdown of the top posts from the year. Since January we’ve covered everything from OTAs to social media adoption and survey data to email trends. But which topics were most popular among hotel and resort marketers? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our list, we pulled email alert stats for each of the 50 posts we published this year. We then ranked them by their click rate and linked to each below. So…drum roll please…here are the top 10:

  1. Only two types of resort social engagement are growing.
  2. Do 80% of mobile emails get deleted if they don’t “look good?”
  3. One email domain is stealing share from (almost) everyone else.
  4. If a photo is posted to four networks, where will it get the most engagement?
  5. Which resort design do guests see the most: websites or email templates?
  6. Are OTAs losing share in the mountains?
  7. Ten hotel and resort email marketing lessons from one billion sends.
  8. How many people actually click the social icons in your emails?
  9. Savings vs price, which dollar sign use sees better performance?
  10. How many Facebook fans did resorts lose during last week’s purge?

This year saw a slightly larger spread between the most popular posts, but still a pretty tight group at the top.

What This Means
If we had to name a theme for 2015, we’d probably have to go with three words: test our assumptions. This has already been a thread within our insights, but these clearly rose to the top in 2015.

Whether it’s what we think we’re seeing across social networks, click rates on icons we insist on including in designs, or whether survey data match behavioral data, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the trend carry into at least some of the 50+ weekly insights we’ll share in 2016.

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