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Hotel Email Marketing: Ten lessons from two billion sends.

We’ve helped our clients send over two billion emails. It’s a huge number, but it’s a fun one to reflect on. Because along the way we’ve been digging into the results of these emails and teasing out the lessons and insights we’ve discovered along the way.

So, drumroll please, here are 10 of our favorites.

1) One email domain is stealing share from (almost) everyone else.
We’ve been watching this number for nearly a decade. And, with our latest update, you probably won’t be too surprised by the results.
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2) Should subject lines highlight the dollar amount or percentage discount?
It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at least once (but probably more). Here’s our look at the data behind the scenes.
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3) How many people actually click the social icons in your emails?
Nearly ubiquitous in email templates, but we wanted to know if they were even noticed by recipients.
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4) Should You Capitalize Subject Lines or should they read like sentences?
Another one of those simple question that, until this point, didn’t have a good answer. Here’s ours.
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5) Does capitalizing one IMPORTANT word in your subject line increase opens?
Marketers sometimes assume that doing so will help draw attention the the crux of your subject line argument, but is there any proof behind the intuition?
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6) Can one email deliverability tweak improve Gmail open rates by 400%?
As providers cracked down on spam, we wondered how our clients who weren’t using DKIM were getting along.
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7) Which design do guests see the most: resort websites or email templates?
Most marketers put a significantly greater effort into a website redesign vs email. But is this increased attention justified?
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8) Do 80% of recipients really delete a mobile email if it doesn’t look good?
This stat shows up at conferences more than any other. The numbers tell a slightly different story, however.
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9) Do guests read the emails you send while they’re staying at your resort?
We send before and after, but what about during? Looking closer at current guest behavior.
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10) What happens when you email the people who don’t open your emails?
They were interested once upon a time but haven’t opened an email in a while. So what happens if you talk only to them?
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Thanks to our incredible clients for their support, our support team for such dedicated and quality work, and thanks to folks like you reading our insights.

Here’s to the next billion.

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