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Trends via SlopeFillers

Want to read more ski resort marketing ideas? Head over to SlopeFillers, our sister site run by our very own SVP of Strategy, Gregg Blanchard.

Want to drive growth? Do what Nordic Valley is doing.

I love Nordic Valley for so many reasons.
  • It’s 7 minutes from my house
  • The furthest you can park from a lift is about 100 yards
  • I never wait in a lift line
  • Season passes for me, Kim, and two kiddos cost a total of $438
  • It’s a super fun mountain with great skiing

It solves so many problems we believe is inhibiting growth in

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Taos’ latest print ad is a great use of hard-to-decide-on space.

Print ads. It’s amazing how rarely folks agree on the right approach for this expensive, but full-of-potential advertising space.
  • Great photos are a dime a dozen.
  • Great taglines can help.
  • Do you focus on the CTA?
  • Building the brand?
  • Try something totally different?
  • Stick with what sorta works?

One of the hardest parts of marketing can be not moving on to the next shiny object. …

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Stratton’s simple, honest reply to some pretty unlucky conditions


While I had a much-needed break from the grind over the holiday, resorts across the country got really unlucky with the weather and were often on their heels communicating to guests and media.

There were a lot of really great bits of marketing from the last few weeks, but Stratton’s stood out.

Not just because of the way it was written, but because

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Peek’n Peak’s simple solution to a pesky problem.

The other day, I’m writing some copy and found myself stuck when trying to type words “sneak peek” in my second paragraph.

A lot of humans (myself very much included) struggle with those combinations of words. They sound alike but some use “ee” instead of “ea” or “ea” instead of “ee”. English, it turns out, is a pretty horrific language when it comes to what

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Video: Sunday River’s Brilliant Opening Day Perk

Video: Sunday River’s Brilliant Opening Day Perk

Sunday River opened over the weekend.

The email they pushed out to tell the world had a perk at the top that I absolutely loved. Let’s talk about it.

Click here for the post/video that talks more about this video (and why there will be more like it).

More videos coming soon. Follow here or on YouTube:

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Eldora is quietly cranking out some huge marketing wins.

My home hill is Nordic Valley. About 2% the size of Park City, less than 1/3 the vertical of Snowbird, almost 4,000′ lower than Brighton, it can be tough for this resort to stand out.

But I’ve always hoped that during a cold spell like the one we’re having, they’d take a chance and run the guns non-stop on the beginner hill for a couple …

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Even if Tamarack’s new series was nothing but a name? It’d work.

It’s a dangerous place, but let me take you on a quick tour inside my brain.

At least the thoughts that went through my brain about two weeks ago. Specifically, the thoughts that went through my brain when I saw this:

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Big Sky didn’t like my tweet. No, they did something much better.

Over the years, my family has gotten more and more spread out. My brother lived in Belgium, we were in Colorado, my sister moved to Connecticut, my parents moved to Ohio.

We were looking for a way to become closer as a family. I was looking for a side project. So when my parents pitched the idea of building our own little social network, I …

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Sipapu’s has it even more right than I thought.

Last winter I wrote about an offer that, as I dug into it, quickly went from “how does this make sense?” to “whoa, this is powerful.”

In a sentence, Sipapu gives you a free night of lodging when you buy a lift ticket. Here’s what I said at the time.

“Millions of skiers have been tempted by a ski vacation, but have never actually taken

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The marketing and creative power of the words “why not?”

If you want some marketing inspiration sometime soon, PLEASE find some time to watch Wistia’s “One. Ten. One hundred.” series.

It is some of the most creative, brilliant marketing I have ever seen. But I want to pull one line from Claude Zeins out of the second episode because I think it’s really, really important.

“I’m so in my element when it’s just

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The fascinating perk offered by Jay with their new lodging packages.

Almost a decade ago during the first few months of SlopeFillers, I made a list of all the 2-for-1s I could find. I stopped at 28, but the list could have gone on and on. Likewise, there are dozens of perks offered by resorts in an effort to push season pass sales through the spring and summer. For example:

  • Ski free in the spring
  • Free
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Are you holding your guests’ hands enough? Hint: Probably not.

I want you to imagine two scenarios.

The first is getting invited to speak at a big university in a town you’ve never been to. “Just meet us at the back entrance of the Ray Bowen building at 6:00pm for a quick rehearsal” they say. The second is that same invitation but at your alma mater.

Picture in your mind being a few blocks away …

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An email from Jackson Hole nails a simple, powerful marketing idea.

An email from Jackson Hole nails a simple, powerful marketing idea.


A few weeks ago a friend told me about an Instagram account that posted amazing deals on flights.

I smiled and nodded as I thought of how many “flight deals” apps and websites and newsletters and accounts must exist in the universe. How I’d never seen a “fares from $29” email that

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The marketing value of skiers calling it a day.

divider image for this post

Over the years I’ve come to love slow lifts.

No, it’s not some bit of nostalgia for the good old days or desire to avoid crowds (well, sometimes it was at Beaver Creek…Elkhorn FTW!), but rather it’s because it gave my legs a much needed rest.


One aspect of small skiing I didn’t mention that proved to be really beneficial was the combination of

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