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Trends Looking at the Last Year Through the Lens of DestiMetrics Monthly Updates

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 Mar 22, 2021

As we’re looked for answers during this pandemic, the monthly updates our DestiMetrics team provides have been a welcomed moment of honest, data-driven insight into how things are progressing. Tens of thousands of resorts, DMOs, hotels, and other tech companies have followed along and read these updates.

A year in, we’ve compile all these monthly milestones into a single timeline complete with headlines, links, and key quotes for both our mountain and beach destinations at each step along this challenging journey.

Note: Updates for each month are published in the following month. So “March 2020” below was published in April 2020, and so on.

March 2020

Different Kind of Storm Derails Winter→
“The complete shutdown of nearly every ski resort at the height of the spring break crowds has left resorts, lodging properties, and communities in a completely different situation in a very short period of time.”

Optimistic Start to Summer for Southeast Destinations Completely Reversed→
“Just a few short weeks ago we were looking at a very promising summer for both occupancy and revenue and that trend was completely reversed in just over four weeks.”

April 2020

Solid Winter Ski Season Ends with a Thud at Western Mountain Resorts→
“In a year-over-year comparison to April 2019, aggregated occupancy for the month of April among 300 participating properties plunged a staggering 95.6 percent. The Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the month was down 43.1 percent.”

Early Summer Months Looking Grim for Southeast Destinations→
“For the month of April, actual occupancy for the month was down 80.3 percent compared last April while Average Daily Rate (ADR) dropped 27.4 percent for the month.”

May 2020

Summer Occupancy At Western Mountain Destinations Edging Up Slightly→
“As of May 31, occupancy for the month of May was down a crushing, but not unexpected 85.4 percent compared to May 2019. The Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the month was down 28 percent leading to distressing 89.7 percent decrease in revenue.”

Pent-Up Demand Drives Record Booking Pace At Southeast Destinations→
“Bookings made in May for arrivals in the months of May through October were up an impressive 66.4 percent compared to last May for visits during the same period. May bookings were up a whopping 199.2 percent for arrivals in that single month while June is up a powerful 124.5 percent.”

June 2020

Short-Lead Bookings and Declining Rates Across Western Mountain Destinations→
“For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, lodging properties at western mountain destinations are finally seeing an appreciable uptick in bookings and occupancy for the summer months although results continue to hover well below previous years.”

Southeast Destinations Continue Record-Breaking Booking Pace→
“Bookings made in June for arrival during the month of June were up a whopping 192.9 percent while July is up 69.6 percent and August is up a comfortable 13.9 percent in comparison to the same time last year.”

July 2020

Western Mountain Destinations Still Struggling in Summer of Covid-19 Despite Strong Booking Pace in July→
“The month of July showed an appreciable recovery in bookings and the strongest booking month since February. As expected, the lead-time for advance bookings has become considerably shorter in recent months. Bookings made in July for arrival in July were up a dramatic 58.7 percent compared to bookings made in July 2019 for arrival in that month.”

Booking Pace Softens at Southeast Destinations in July→
“The year-over-year plunge in bookings during July for arrivals in the next six months illustrates a striking reversal from May and June patterns. Bookings were down 40.2 percent compared to last July for arrivals in the same period.”

August 2020

Western Mountain Destinations Still Struggling in Summer of Covid-19 Despite Strong Booking Pace in July→
“Booking volume was the most notable story during August among participating properties with booking pace higher than anticipated boosted by continued strength in short-lead reservations—with most arrivals in 60 days or less.”

Strong Rebound at Southeast Destinations to Close Summer→
“Booking pace was the central story for the Southeast during the month of August. Bookings made during the month of August for arrivals in the months of August through January were up 36.2 percent compared to the same time last year for the same six-month period.”

September 2020

Western Mountain Destinations Post First Revenue Gains Since February→
“Once again, short-lead bookings helped drive business for in-month arrivals. Bookings made in September for arrival in September were up a whopping 69.6 percent compared to the same time last year.”

Lodging in Southeast Destinations Post Big Rate and Revenue Gains for Upcoming Winter During Busy September Booking Period→
“The report revealed an increasingly impressive recovery from the devastating declines experienced last Spring during the first weeks and months following the COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdowns and closures.”

October 2020

Upbeat Finish for Summer at Western Mountain Destinations; Attention Turns to Critical Winter Season→
“October enjoyed a slight 1.3 percent bump up in a year-over-year comparison to October 2019. But the really bright note for properties was the Average Daily Rate (ADR) rising 20.1 percent compared to last year.”

Strong Daily Rates and Rising Revenue are Boosting Resort Destinations in Southeast Region for Winter Season→
“Bookings made during October for arrivals from October through March are up 11.2 percent with the most dramatic growth in November, up a dramatic 34.9 percent and December up an even more stellar 49.5 percent.”

November 2020

Rates Holding but Occupancy Softens as Booking Pace Reverses During November→
“The downward trend for winter became apparent mid-month when bookings made during the month of November for arrivals in all six months from November through April dropped a dramatic 44.1 percent compared to the same time last year.”

Strong Daily Rates Driving Winter Revenue at Southeast Destinations→
“Bookings made during the month of November for the remainder of the winter months and into early summer continued at the robust pace of previous months, particularly for very short-lead reservations.”

December 2020

Western Mountain Destinations Dropping in Year-Over-Year Comparisons; Month-Over-Month Shows More Realistic View→
“For the six-month season from November through April, aggregated occupancy is down a sharp 33.1 percent compared to last winter at this time. In contrast, ADR is down only a moderate 5.6 percent…”

December Is A Winner for Southeast Destinations; Months Ahead Less Promising→
“A view of the full winter season reveals how strongly the region has been doing despite the worsening pandemic. For the six-month period, aggregated occupancy as of Dec. 31 is up 3.2 percent compared to last winter with the most notable gains in September, October, and December.”

January 2021

More Snow and Less Covid-19 Deliver Slightly Improved Numbers at Mountain Destinations; Deficits Still Deep→
“For the first time in three months, DestiMetrics is reporting positive year-over-year gains in the booking pace. Reservations taken in January 2021 for arrival in that same month, are up 42.9 percent compared to January 2020, while bookings for February arrivals based on January-only bookings were up 23.5 percent. “

Lodging at Select Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina Destinations Continuing Multi-Month Winning Streak for Daily Rates and Revenue→
“The impressive year-over-year strength in occupancy during the month of September was supported by upticks in both October and December that helped boost results in the region for the winter season that extends from September through February.”

February 2021

Western Mountain Destinations Post Record-Setting Bookings for March Boosted by Ramp Up in Vaccinations→
“Short-term and last-minute bookings in February had a dramatic impact on February and March arrivals as travelers responded positively to news about declining COVID-19 cases and aggressive vaccination programs.”

New Winter Records in Occupancy and Rate for Southeast Lodging Properties→
“This has been an incredibly successful season, but as more tourism destinations open up or expand their operations as COVID-19 vaccinations increase, the Southeast’s bubble may be challenged as more competitors re-emerge to vie for that pent-up consumer demand…”

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