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Tips Tired of clunky tee-time cancellations from your call center? Inntopia Commerce has your back.

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There are many reasons why canceling things like tee-times can be a problem for your call center. Maybe it’s simply a matter of access to those systems for your agents, maybe it’s a process or staffing problem in the pro shop. Whatever the case, one of the most important things to remember about Inntopia Commerce is this:

Your agents can book, modify, or cancel any part of a guest’s reservation directly from the Inntopia Agent Interface.

And that includes tee-times.

Let’s back up for just a second and cover three fundamental functionalities of Inntopia Commerce:

  1. You can sell different types of resort products in one place (read more→)
  2. Those products can come from multiple different systems (read more→)
  3. You can sell all those products over the phone and online (read more→)

In order to do all of these things, we need a secure, two-way connection between Inntopia Commerce and each individual system. A core element within those two-way integrations is not just the ability to sell products, but modify and cancel products within existing reservations.

In other words, someone can call your call center and – without talking to the pro shop or switching apps or leaving the Inntopia system or putting a guest on hold – your agents can handle tee-time (or other) cancellations in just a few seconds.

Yet another reason why golf resorts love Inntopia Commerce.

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