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Tips Inntopia’s simple, obvious secret to your (and our) success.

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Can i share a dirty little secret of enterprise software?

The features lure you in, the demo gets you intrigued, and the price may get you to sign, but the reason you’ll actually succeed in doing all the things you were so excited about have nothing to do with the technology, the platform, or the code behind the scenes.

Instead, it has everything to do with something we’re all really, really good at overlooking. Something that’s right under our noses.

The Secret

There is no shortage of research on the success rates of platforms like ours. CRMs, for example, have been analyzed over and over again with the same findings: whether or not your CRM initiative succeeds basically comes down to a coin flip.

But if that’s the case, how have we had many CRM clients for more than a decade? How have we gone full calendar years without losing a single customer?

And then you read headlines like this from Forrester:

CRM Success Requires Focus On People, Not Only Technology

The reason for the success of our clients isn’t just because of good technology, it’s because of good people.

People who care about your success as much as you do.

People who aren’t going to just hand you the keys, but eagerly sit in the passenger seat from day one to help you go from zero to successful as quickly as possible.

People like Patrick Sande, one of our account managers, who personally, proactively contacts his accounts more than 3 times a week on average.

People like Melissa Jordan, our eLearning Specialist, who has built a priceless video training library that every Inntopia client gets unlimited, free access to.

And people like Katie Barnes, on our BI team, who spends countless hours to help every client squeeze every possible insight from every data point we capture.

Built on Success

Other companies are built on breakage. On signing contracts and wishing their new clients luck but little more.

But not Inntopia. Inntopia is built on success. When it comes to choosing a new CRM, remember this: the technology is important, but the people are priceless.

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