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Inntopia Commerce 101 A Short, Plain-English Explanation of Inntopia Commerce

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 Jan 6, 2021

Over the last year I’ve had a sober realization. Despite my best efforts, some folks just don’t get what Inntopia Commerce is. They see the cool stuff our clients do, but they don’t understand our role. It’s like a cake. Are we the eggs and flour and sugar? Or are we the frosting on top? Likewise:

  • Are we a PMS?
  • A cute add-on?
  • Neither?
  • Both?
  • Something else entirely?

So, I’m going to try something kinda different. Instead of trying to tell the story all at once, I’ve broken down Inntopia Commerce into a series of tiny, plain-English lessons. There are 10 lessons total and each lesson is less than 150 words long, so it should only take about 5-7 minutes to get through the whole thing.

My hope is that by taking a moment to understand each one individually, you’ll better understand the whole. If you’ve ever struggled to grasp what Inntopia is, now’s your chance to fix that.


Get started by clicking the link below:
Lesson 1 – A Way to Sell All Resort and Hotel Products→

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